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How To Keep My Cat From Crying In The Morning?

Almost every morning between 6 and 8am, my cat (a little under 1 year old) comes into my room and meows his little head off until I wake up and pay attention to him. As you can imagine, this is the last thing I want to be doing at 6am.

I've tried ignoring him. But he then steps it up a notch and knocks stuff on my end table onto the floor, and/or paws at my window blinds (which makes a loud and obnoxious sound).

I keep a squirt bottle by my bed and spray him. That doesn't work.

I've tried the can of pennies, but that wakes my gf up, or wakes me up if she does it (not that it worked anyway).

It's not that he wants food/water.

I don't know what else to do. So I ask you... how do I make the little b****** stop? I'm really close to just getting rid of him.


@grace - I can't lock him out of the room he just sits at the door and cries.

@jj - seriously? Yes, it is sweet my cat likes me and wants attention, but I'm not some cat hater just because I don't want to wake up at the a** crack of dawn to play with mine.

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    shut him out of your room, stuff a towel under the crack of the door, AND get some earplugs. Make sure he has enough food and water before you go to sleep. If you ignore him for a few weeks, eventually he will stop.

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    Why do you even get a cat? It's his or her sign of affection for you :) She loves u. Like little kids comin home from school "Mommy mommy look at what I drew!" instead of just shutting up. If you're really that un loving of your cat (no clu why you adopted her or him....) then just keep him in a seperate room. But don't get rid of him you scum ;)

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    Shut him out of your room

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