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Do you think Andy Roddick will ever win another Grand Slam?

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    He can, if he plays like he did at wimbledon 2009, he came so close to beating Fed, but federer will always be there to smack andy down, and even if Fed isn't there, he will still have to face the likes of Nadal or other tough players

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    (in my humble couch coach opinion)...

    I don't think Andy Roddick will ever win another Grand Slam title.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of his and have been since he turned pro. But I just don't think he as complete a game as other male tennis players on the circuit today. True, he has got a wicked serve, but there is more to tennis than just that. Its been frustrating to see his tennis weaknesses exposed and exploited time after time on the court.

    His latest defeat to Warwinka was especially tough to watch. I waited for a boost lifting rally from Andy that never came to fruition. I would like to say that Warwinka had a good game but that would not give the due credit he deserves, he was just plain great, my hats off to him. Not to mention the fact that it would let Andy Roddick off the hook for playing so poorly, physically and mentally. I saw many shots that just went by Roddick that many other players would have gone after...even if the attempt failed, the effort would have been made.

    Shame on Roddick, he threw in the towel and it definitely showed. Man up Roddick, the alarm on retirement is about to ring and you NEED to step it up. Please prove me wrong and walk away from tennis with at least one more title.

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    honestly Roddick really isn't the greatest player. Roddick may have a fantastic serve but as you can see with the game against Wawrinski he just doesn't have the right groundstrokes for being a fantastic player. If Roddick does not step up his strategy, groundstrokes, and volleying i doubt he will ever be able to take on Federer, Nadal, and even djokovich will step all over him every year i think.

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    No.I really think people who think so are deluded.After 2007 it became clear he would never win a Slam again.

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    i think he will get to a final in a grandslam but honestly i don't think he will actually win one.

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    no, cuz his wife is too hot

    his energy will go into her

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    no. he should have had about five by now if it weren't for federer.

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    no he has no chance, he won't even make another Major final.


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    No, I think that he will not

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