Can somebody please explain the movie bug to me?

I watched it and didnt get any of it

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    "Agnes White(Judd) is a waitress living in a run-down motel in Oklahoma. Unable to move on from the disappearance of her son some years previously, she engages in drug and alcohol binges with her friend, R.C. (Lynn Collins). Her abusive ex-husband, Jerry Goss (Connick), has recently been released from prison and she is receiving silent telephone calls which she suspects are from him. R.C. introduces Agnes to Peter Evans (Shannon), a drifter who says he is a recently discharged soldier. Agnes and Peter reach out to each other out of loneliness, and start a relationship.

    Peter is, in fact, mentally ill, and believes he was the subject of biological tests by the U.S. government while he was in the military. He starts to draw Agnes into his delusions, persuading her that the silent telephone calls are the government trying to track him down and when he starts seeing bugs in the motel room, Agnes says that she can see them too. Jerry arrives at the motel and attempts to throw Peter out and restart his relationship with Agnes, but Peter persuades Agnes that Jerry is working for the government and she rejects him. Agnes also rejects R.C. when her friend tries to warn her away from Peter.

    Peter comes to believe that a nest of bugs has been implanted under one of his teeth, so he pulls it out. He fills the room with flypaper and bug zappers and his movements become increasingly twitchy as he slaps at invisible bugs, as does Agnes.

    A Dr. Sweet arrives, saying that Peter has escaped while under treatment at a mental institution, and tries to persuade him to return. Peter kills Sweet but tells Agnes that he was a robot sent by the government. Agnes is drawn ever deeper into Peter's delusions and creates her own delusion that her son had been taken from her by the government so that she and Peter could meet; she comes to believe that she has been implanted with a queen bug intended to mate with Peter's bugs and infest the world. To prevent this, Agnes and Peter douse themselves in gasoline and set themselves on fire."

    That's the rundown. The basics is that Peter has been hallucinating the bugs the whole time because of experimentations performed on him. He brought Agnes down with him. A very good psychological movie.

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    Don't feel bad. I didn't get it either.

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