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does peyton manning deserve to have the highest paid contract in the NFL?

about 5 years ago i could say yes but now tht u got tom brady matt ryan and other great qb's does peyton manning deserve to have the best contract in the nfl plus his age and he did play good this season but not great and i do understand tht he did not have all his WR and TE healthy

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    I totally agree with you about Manning being good 5 years ago, but when he signed the contract he was the BEST QB out their.

    Its like that in all sports. Take Barry Zito from the San Francisco Giants (MLB) he signed a 7 years contract for $127 million.. Look at where he was in the post season last year. Point being, once they sign the contract, its signed and done. You an say he doesnt deserve cause at the time he DID deserve that contract (and the Colts thought he deserved it as well) Thats just how sports is.

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    To be honest, I feel that all of the NFL players are way overpaid! I don't feel any one person deserves the money they make. However, Peyton Manning certainly deserves to be right up there with that other totally gross quarterback who is making the most money at this time. If Peyton Manning had the coach the other quarter back has, and if Peyton Manning had the "time" the other quarterback has, there is no doubt that no one in the world would question who the better quarterback is. I have the "MOST" respect for Peyton Manning, as he is such a devoted player to football. On the other hand, the other one has "other" interests. I find it a bit amusing that this other quarterback chose to have his foot surgery at this particular time, before the PRO BOWL. HAH!!!! Tom Brady feels the Pro Bowl is SO BELOW HIM. He wouldn't want to embarrass himself by playing in the Pro Bowl versus the Super Bowl. Someone needs to teach this person priorities in life and how to be a "good" person instead of only thinking of himself!!!!!

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