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STEAM: Constant Disconnect (Client Disconnect and No STEAM Login)?

So, I have put 952 hours into CS:S alone in 2 years. I am pro :) But lately, I have been getting these disconnect problems (Client Disconnect etc.) It has bee going on for about 6 or more months and it takes about 10 minutes at first. After that it is constant (every minute and then faster and faster).

So, could anyone help me? Sorry if this doesn't make sense. It is 2am where I am at. Please you guys, I need help with this. I have done the .blob tip and the reinstall tip and everything. Please guys, help me out with this :) I would appreciate it and choose a best answer if/when it works for me :) Thanks.


(Yes, double posted... Please help you guys. I have tried everything on the support page and the usual things.)

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    Install steam in a different location than before and copy your steam apps folder across. This worked for me after trying everything else.

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