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Why should I, an English speaking American, have to "Press 1 for English?"?

This is getting aggravating ! Do you agree or disagree, and why ?


@ Lian: I wasn't alluding to the world languages. I am talking about right here in the good ole U.S.A. If I moved to a foreign speaking country, I would learn the indigenous language and not expect them to conform for my pleasure.

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    I AGREE... here in the USA, a businesses primary phone auto-operator should function in English, and a non-English speaker should have to select their language !! OR, they should publish out to those non-English speakers a different number that routes to a system in their language.

    I worked for a telecommunications firm (CLEC) and rigged up such a system for a Breast Cancer Support program... in 12 different languages !! So we had 12 toll-free numbers routing into the system, and then routing to various trained counselors of the correct language !!

    I understand Lian's "grumpiness" to an extent... I had to learn Tagalog / Bisayan to live in my wife's country with comfort; German as a teen while I lived there; Russian, Korean, Farsi & Arabic while I was in the Navy.

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    Well the United States of America has not declared a language for the country. So it is very neccesary to have all of that. But I do think that we should finally make English our language considering a big percentage of the U.S. uses English.

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    Because we as english speaking americans must cater to all the illegals that are in this country so they can phone in there welfare n food stamps, you know, the stuff we provide when we go to work,they no speaky english

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    Learn another language, then press 2.

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    because english is not the only language- was not the first, and will not be the last.

    and because the world doesn't revolve around us american's, contrary to what many of us believe.

    EDIT: btw, english still isn't the most popular language. mandarin and spanish are ahead by aprox. 518,234,000 billion speakers. dumb*ss.

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