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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

Last name for these characters? Urgent?

I'm writing a story with a pretty large set of characters, here are the first names followed by the nicknames and nationalities.

- Mabel "Belle" (she's partly Brazilian)

- Julian "Jul" (she's American)

- Trixie "Trix" (she's Italian)

- Sophie "Phia" (she's American)

- Marleigh "Leigh" (she's Swiss)

- Devin "Vin" (he's French)

- Gray (no nickname, he's American)

- Wiley "Wile" (he's American)

- Conan "Con" (he's British)

- Hunter "Terry" (he's American)

- Nigel "Nidge" (he's American)

- Hogan "Gan/Gannie" (he's Italian)

BONUS: I need a first name for a character that is a womanizer and he's jewish, but lives and comes from America.

You'd save my life. I'm sorry if it's long :/



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mabel Silveira

    Jullian Anderson

    Trixie Castelli

    Sophia Thompson

    Marleigh Seifert

    Devin Devereux or if you don't like the double "d" then, Devin Lavoie

    Gray Johnson

    Wiley Brown

    Conan Parkinson

    Hunter Miller

    Nigel Williams

    Hogan Righetti

    Bonus: Aaron Lampert

    *I'm not sure if you realize this but American surnames stem from other countries, for your requestest I used the top few that are up in for the US but they all stem from other countries (i.e: Johnson was first an English name, Garcia also made the top American last names but it stems from Hispanic countries.).

  • 1 decade ago

    Oooh I love naming.

    I'm guessing you want the character's last name to go with their nationalities? If so as far as American names go, here's a few that I thought sounded alright:

    Julian "Jul" Miller

    Sophie "Phia" Knight

    Gray Wilson

    Wiley "Wile" Green

    Hunter "Terry" Wood

    Nigel "Nidge" Capps

    Or a few others you could use or maybe switch around and see how they sound would be Carr, Smith, Johnson, Hill, Brown, McCoy, Anderson, etc.

    For the Italians,

    Trixie "Trix" De Luca

    Hogan "Gan/Gannie" Rossi

    And these might work,

    Mabel "Bell" Pereira

    Marleigh "Leigh" Amaker

    Conan "Con" Gilford

    Source(s): my own opinion and some internet research
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why do all your characters have exactly the same kind of currently trendy American name, if they are supposed to have different nationalities?

    Hogan and Trixie the Italians? Conan, who is British? How on earth do you think Marleigh would be pronounced in _any_ of the languages they speak in Switzerland?

    Do you not know what "de vin" means in French? It means "some wine".

    Give your Italian characters Italian names, your French character a French name, and your British character, yup, a British name. Right now? Devin is Irish, Marleigh is English, Trixie is English, Hogan is Irish, Conan is Irish...

  • 1 decade ago

    Okay, I'm bored, so I'm gonna google and answer your Q ;)

    Most Brazilian surnames are actually Portuguese..

    -Mabel "Belle" Cardosa

    -Julian "Jul" Mitchell

    -Trixie "Trix" De Luca

    -Sophie "Phia" Taylor

    -Marleigh "Leigh" Zuelle

    -Devin "Vin" Molyneaux

    -Gray Palmer

    -Wiley "Wile" Grant

    -Conan "Con" Thomas

    -Hunter "Terry" Morgan

    -Nigel "Nidge" Sanders

    -Hogan "Gan" Frontera

    Jeremy, Seth, Danell, Jebediah "Jeb".

    You might find something here, other than that google ;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Damian, Devon, Brody

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, it's was too many characters for one story.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i luv damien too x






    adrien x

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