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What makes someone a easy target for bullying?

Is it their physical appearance, personality, etc ?

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    Bullies often target those they perceive as "weaker" than they are. That perception, of course, varies from person to person but there are a few common characteristics that can make a child more susceptible that seem to be universal:

    1. Mental health issues. Kids with disorders like ADHD, ADD, and Asperger syndrome are often the target of bullies simply because their behavior is different than the norm. This certainly does not mean that if you have ADHD or the like you will be targeted. It's just one of many factors.

    2. Personality traits. Kids who are shy, socially awkward, or withdrawn often make good targets for bullies. Bullies bank on the fact that these kids will not be able to stand up for themselves and will hold their silence.

    3. Family characteristics. This is a relatively new theory in the field of psychology that suggests a parents personality traits can effect whether or not their son or daughter is bullied.

    * If you're a male victim of bullying:Research suggests that mothers of "male victims" tend to be overprotective, controlling, and coddling of their sons. While in contrast, research indicates that fathers of male victims are absent or distant from their son's life.

    *If you're a female victim of bullying: Research shows their mothers are often hostile and rejecting of their daughters and threatening to reject and/or abandon their daughters when they misbehave. Due to the fact the mom is not a health role model, girls often have trouble forming positive friendships with other girls which makes them an easy target.

    Research is always subject to interpretation, but I did find the family social characteristics interesting and wanted to share them with you. Hope this gives you more info.

    Source(s): Olweus, D. (1992). Victimization by peers: Antecedents and long-term consequences. In K. H. Rubin & J. B. Asendorph (Eds.), Social withdrawal, inhibition, and shyness in childhood (pp. 315-341). Hillsdale, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum. Finnegan, R. A., Hodges, E. V. E., & Perry, D. G. (1998). Victimization by peers: Associations with children’s reports of mother-child interaction. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 75, 1076-1086. http://parentingpink.com/2010/10/bullying-sticks-a... http://parentingpink.com/2010/04/kindness-bullying...
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    Targets Of Bullying

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    You may seem weak and emotionally vulnerable. It could be a number of reasons. Maybe you have something that the bully is jealous of. The best thing you can do is build up your confidence and realize that no one has the right to bully you or push you around. If someone is doing that, you need to get help or make a change to correct the situation so you are not put in the middle of it. Work on figuring out who you are, exercise to build strength and confidence, focus on being the best you that you can be. And don't go around the people that hurt you. If you must be around them, make sure you are not alone. And, if they try to put you down - just see it for what it is - they are the one that is messed up in the head for them to take out their insecurities and anger on you. Something inside them is missing and they see it in you. So, they want to take you down a few pegs so that you feel as low as they feel. If you realize that - anything they do or say won't bother you so much. So, remember - it isn't you - its them!

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    Bullies like to see someone else react. they usually cannot take being stood up to and will back down if confronted.

    They usually pick on someone more sensitive, and smaller than them--as they do not want to get hurt themselves.

    it is hard but you have to 'grow a thicker skin'--ignore their taunts, --if it is physical, get authority involved .

    You do not deserve to be treated this way.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): psychiatric nursing 24 years now
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    If depends on the environment the person is in...it can b race related, sexual preference related, personality...I don't think it happens just to young/teenage people...adults get bullied too...which was evident in the way the Nazi regime treated others, not to mention the K.K.K.

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    it's usually nice kids that get bullied....or the bully is jealous of their clothes, friends, hair, maybe they are pretty etc....the bully is usually feeling inferior to the person they bully and they take their venom, spite and jealousy out on their victims.

    i hate bullies...they are sad, low lives!!

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    it is both, if you are small or if you wear glasses you are and easy target. Also if you are shy or scared. if you want to stop being bullied punch the guy, or girl in the nose to get them to bleed, and dont act scared.

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    Psychological decency and trying to avoid unnecessary argumentation

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