What baits or lures to catch striped bass?

So usually during spring or summer we'll go to El Centro CA and there's a canal called "The all American Canal"

there's bluegill, catfish, bass, and striped bass.

usually we use chicken liver and the catfish or striped bass will take it.

and I'm wondering what kind of bait or lures are specifically targeting striped bass.

i know they might not be picky so will live minnows or small bluegills work?

with a floater (bobber) or bottom (weighted) ?

any answers are appreciated. thankssss!!!

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    Found some pretty good info., on the All American Canal and it's stripers (1st link), along with a' couple of lures I've used on them in canals of the Central Valley (California). For bait, I mainly go with chicken livers wrapped in a' small piece of women's nylon stocking/pantyhose usin', "Magic Thread" (no need for knot's) and or conventional sewing thread, tied with half-hitched knots to hold bait on hook, only thing is, them cats are goin' to be tempted. Hope it helps,"Tight lines" and you's welcome'ssss <);-3

    Forum information (fish4life and zimno1 responders):


    Atlas Mike's magic thread:


    Heddon Wounded Zara Spook (topwater):


    Rat-L-Trap (lipless crank):


    Source(s): Myself and a' FEW years...
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    Sounds like you're fishing for fresh water stripers. The one place I've done that is central Texas. It was basically the same situation and we did well using frozen shad. The catfish also hit this bait well. In both cases we fished on the bottom using a "slip sinker rig" (allows your line to run through the sinker). Leave the line slack and let the fish move freely for several feet before you tighten the line and set the hook. This same rigging with live minnows works just as well. Hope you hit some nice ones.

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    4 years ago

    Striper Swiper Lure

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    10 years ago

    When I used to fish for stripers on a regular basis, I used as lure called the "striper swiper"

    And it worked, they seemed to really love it.

    I also had good luck with any of the ones that resemble a "broken back minnow"

    If you ever get the chance to get to the Cape in late fall, bring a rod along.

    The Cape Cod Canal is a great place for fall striper fishing. I caught some of the biggest ones I have ever caught. And fall is a great time to visit the Cape.

    As for live bait, bunker worked great for me.

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    Maybe it's ok

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