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中翻英~~~~請幫我翻譯(這不可能只是巧合)等三個句子 對話

麻煩幫我中翻英這三個誇號裡的中文 1.2提一定要以這開頭 感謝~~~~

1. I don't listen,________________(有時候我只看你下巴在那邊上下移動)

2.The wise thing to do is ___________(投資在實用的東西上面)


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    1. I don't listen, I only watch your jaw moving up and down sometimes. (有時候我只看你下巴在那邊上下移動)

    2.The wise thing to do is to nvest in practical things. (投資在實用的東西上面)

    3. This cannot be a mere coincidence, can it? 這不可能只是巧合吧

    up and down = 上上下下

    a mere coincidence = 只是巧合;純屬巧合

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    2. to _invest_ in practical things.

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    1. Sometimes I just look at your chin move up and down over there

    2. Investment on something in the practical

    3. This can not be just a coincidence

    Source(s): Goodle翻譯
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