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Is this a high amount of THC level?

I am a 100 lb 5ft 17 year old girl. I have 12 nanograms/mL of Delta-9-THC and 28 nanograms/mL of 9-Carboxy-THC. Is this a high level? Thanks. Also, what is a normal amount for me?

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    Normal is zero.

    "Both B and G were positive at the standard cutoff threshold of 50 ng/ml (the standard in most government-required testing programs) for up to two days after smoking. "

    That is just two tests. Some might be much less. Yours seems to be much below what the government requires. It isn't a high level at all.

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    Yes that is high. THC is the active agent in Marijuana, so, IMHO the normal amount that should be present in a 17 year old girl is 0 nanograms/mL

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    These are high levels of THC metabolites and compounds in your blood. If you wish to pass a drugs test, then you should have as close to 0 ng/mL as possible. You might still fail with any levels above 0 ng/mL. THC and it's metabolites are notoriously persistant in the body. They can remain in the body for months, even years. Drinking lots of water has been suggested to help, but there is no sure-fire way to remove them from the body quickly.

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    i recently test positive for thc in dot urine test

    my level was 1.7 thc

    i do not smolke, i did not smoke or anything

    6ft tall 230, i take 3 meds known for false positives

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