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What type of company is this?

I recently started a business where I build a topic website and sell it after 30 days on a marketplace called flippa.com. What type of company am I? I don't want to be considered a internet marketer, but I would like to have my own company. How could I take my business and turn it into a "company"?

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    a; business and company are synonyms [a company is a structure; a sole owner is a company, etc]

    b; some companies are corporations

    c; why sell it later? YOU must have something in mind there. If you are using other's templates

    that causes you to enter DANGEROUS TERRITORY in copyright and patent law.

    d; you don't want to be an internet marketer. In that case, get off the internet.

    [like saying i don't want to be a truck driver while hauling stuff in a truck]

    e; how could I??? you have already.

    available to guide you further

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    It seems such as you're complicated 'web site' with 'organisation'. an internet site isn't a organisation, an internet site is a source of tips and merchandising that businesses use to construct their organisation. paying for an internet site that sells, say, shoes, is nicely worth precisely not something in case you do not very own the organisation that sells the shoes. they're going to create yet another web site, and additionally you have got a valueless fee.

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