welcome in germany john f kennedy gold coin?

i have a 1963 welcome in germany john f kennedy gold coin it has a holle signature on it. what is it worth


i seen a picture of this medallion the numismatik forum

it is not a coin but a medallion

the front of the medallion has john f kennedys picture and it says john f kennedy and a signature holl(not holle) the back has welcome in germany has an eagel and it says 1963

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    This can't be answered...yet.

    1. It may not be a coin.

    2. What does holle mean?

    3. I really need to see pictures of both sides, and the edge, if there's anything stamped into it.

    Can you give me that link to the website? I found a record of a 1961 Kennedy medal that was engraved by Gunther Holl (Holl inscribed beneath bust of JFK, it is not a signature), but the reverse pictures the White House. This one is a large, heavy medal weighing over 4.5 Troy ounces of gold, making it worth about $6000 just for the gold. It sold at auction in 2008 for $3900 on a day when gold reached $920, making the gold value about $4200. With the buyer's premium on the $3900, the winner paid about $4300.

    So, even though I can't find exactly what you have, it is probably worth about its gold content. Used to be, back when gold was a lot lower, that a fairly rare medallion would have a collector premium above the gold, but not anymore. Collectors won't play the gold market game, because they know that the price can drop in a big way. It has before and it will again. So for coins and medals they want to keep, they avoid things like this until prices come down.

    So this medallion will be worth, now, about the value of the gold at this time. It would have to be weighed to come up with that figure.

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