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How do you handle a hyphenated last name?

With no pride or family issues involved,

if for example someone's last name is Smith-Lollipop and has gotten tired of introducing himself as Hey, I'm John Smith-Lollipop, is it okay for them to say Hey, I'm John Lollipop, but still keep in official documents such as school records, John Smith-Lollipop? Or is it more correct to say Hey, I'm John Smith

Either John Smith or John Lollipop... I don't know.. I'm confused as to which one it would be better to shorten it too

Thanks in advance

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    It's John Smith-Lollipop's name he can introduce himself however he wants. My name is Scott, but I introduce myself as Scotty. On all of my records it's Scott. It's the same with last names. If John wants to be known as John Smith he should just introduce himself as such. If he wants to go by Lollipop same goes (though if it were me I'd go with Smith... or something cooler).

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