Any way to hack conjuguemos?

My teacher is an idiot and forgot to take off the ' This has been blocked by your teacher' restriction on all of our vocab chapters the weekend before our exam. So I have no way of printing them out. Is there any way I can get past that/ Use something with Tampering the data?

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    Yes! After you start your game, just type in something random, hit answer.

    Then, Type this into the address bar:

    javascript: function checkAnswer() {attempted = 101; correct = 92; }

    Change the numbers in attempted and correct to hack it.

    Say you want to have 40 attempts and 30 correct.

    Change the 101 to 40 and the 92 to 30!

    I use this all the time!

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    Source(s): Eliminate Malware for Mac
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    Open up in Google Chrome, SIgn in and go to whatever activity your teacher wants you to do. Say a random spanish word and press enter, then go to record/send results. it should say 0% (0,1). After that, highlight 0% (0,1) and right click. click on the option, inspect element. It will bring you up to a screen that you are able to change whatever you want. Double click on whereever it says 0% (0,1) in the inspector. then type what you want your answer to be. Clicke enter, then exit out of inspector.

    It works every single time for me, so i hope it works for you

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    Probibly not, The Software used is probibly to Advanced these days, I Have used and tested very similar software myself, Very Good Stuff :)

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    Don't do anything that the teacher doesn't want you to do.

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    Yell at it.

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    Why don't you just learn what your teacher wants you to learn instead? After all, you could spend 5 minutes practicing a verb tense every night using, and after even just a few days I bet you'd see a huge improvement...

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