Three bad shroom trips. Can someone help/explain?..?

I know 'someone' who's done shrooms (magic mushrooms) three times total, and each time 'they've' had a very bad trip. The first trip, 'she' was at a music/drug festival (Spookstock) on halloween night/weekend and 'she' ate about an eighth to herself. ('shes' a 5'3" teenage girl, about 120 pounds) it was night time and pretty dark outside and 'they' were walking around with the 3 friends 'they' had come with, and all of a sudden 'she' started panicking and for some reason insisted on having my friend take 'her' back to our tent so 'she' could "sleep." 'she' couldn't see anything around 'her' except for the blackness of the night and the flashing rave lights. the second time 'she' tripped 'she' was at 'her' house with 3 of 'her' girl friends. about 30 minutes after they took the shrooms my friends asked if 'she' wanted to go cruise with some guy. remembering the previous bad trip 'she' had had when 'she' was disoriented, 'she' said no and stayed home while they went with him. after about 5 minutes of them being gone, 'she' basically turned into a vegetable. 'she' was laying on her bed, shaking, with outrageous thoughts and images flying through her head. 'she' couldn't remember how to do anything, and felt mentally challenged. 'she' wanted to fall asleep, to throw up the shrooms, to jump out the window.. anything to stop the trip. but nothing stopped it. 'her' friends eventually come back, but for some reason 'she' could open her eyes and see what they were doing, but 'she' couldn't speak at all. after about 5 hours of her laying on her bed freaking out, 'she' went to the bathroom and changed her clothes, and came back and sat down, and shortly after i was okay again. 'her' third trip was at her friend michaels house. it was 'her' and all of his friends (which they're all about 2 or 3 years older than 'her') and they all ate some shrooms. they (the guys) eat shrooms pretty often, so it wasn't really a big deal to them. 'she' was doing fine.. and then 'she' started panicking. it felt like 'her' mind was racing and it felt like hours had passed, but when 'she' checked her phone it had only been about 5 minutes. every time 'she's' done shrooms it feels like her mind will randomly just.. quiet all of a sudden. like her mind is a giant, open, room. that's just completely blank and white. i don't know, it's really hard to explain.. but i was just wondering if anyone had any idea as to why 'she' has a bad trip every time? and if that means 'she' should just not do shrooms again, and if it'd be a bad idea to try acid. every time 'she' does shrooms 'she' has this urge to just kill herself and make the trip go away. 'she' hates it, and 'she' wants to know if it's something 'shes' doing or not doing? thanks!


@Andrew: my friends tried convincing me that it was just the setting and the people that had made me have a bad trip the first two times.. hence why i tried it at my friend michaels house with different people the third time

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    I think your problem was due to two things - dose, and set/setting. 1/8th is a heavy dose for a first time user. I would recommend doing 1/16th with close friends doing the same amount (a group of three works well), in the daytime on a nice sunny day. Choose somewhere were there's nearly no chance of running into strangers, like a forest walk or a remote beach (nature and shrooms are a wonderful combination). Somewhere were you can relax. The nice thing about shrooms is that unlike some other drugs, you don't need a lot to have an interesting and enlightening experience. A dose of 1/16th will leave you feeling fairly lucid and you won't have to worry about ego loss.

    I imagine that your first trips were bad because you were by yourself in the dark with a strong dose. I've tripped in the dark by myself and it is much more intense, because there is nothing to distract your brain so you delve inside yourself and confront issues that perhaps you aren't ready/willing to deal with.

    One more suggestion - the last time I tripped it was on 1/16th and at one point my friend and I were feeling a little paranoid (our previous trip had been on a 1/8th at night and very intense). We found that reading a novel was a great way to distract the brain and calm the mind. So if you're getting a bit panicky, read a book.

    Possibly the best advice? Get informed. Read up on trip reports and guides here:

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): ten trips ranging from 1/16th to 1/4 ;)
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    First off, you don't need to say that it's your friend who's having these bad trips. No one will know who you are from your username or whatever, and you couldn't get in trouble for just talking about drugs on the internet anyway.

    Anyway, you aren't screwed up or anything, the problems you've been having are very typical, and most inexperienced trippers get them.

    Your first bad trip was a result of being disoriented an uncomfortable. It's generally not a good idea to trip in an unfamiliar environment, especially at night, unless you are a very experienced psychonaut. Most people will get confused and scared, thus causing a bad trip.

    The second experience happened because you were left alone. When you are by yourself, your thoughts tend to bottle up and spiral out of control because you have no one to talk to. You can lose connection with reality, and have a bad trip.

    The third trip happened because you felt overwhelmed and panicked. If you feel like your mind is getting away from you, do not freak out. Try to remember that you are simply experiencing what shrooms do, and you aren't getting screwed up or going crazy.

    I would suggest staying away from acid for a while, for two reasons. It is unlikely, but possible, that you would get too strong of acid, and become overwhelmed. Also, acid lasts much longer than shrooms. If you're having a bad trip, it will last much longer than a bad trip on shrooms.

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • Andrew
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    9 years ago

    haha you think you'd learn after 2 bad trips not to do it again.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Don't do drugs at all. It will ruin lives.

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