parts of an egyptian boat?

can you name the parts of an Egyptian boat ( any boat)

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    here is what they discovered about the abydos boats :

    uncovered wooden planks, disintegrated rope and reed bundles. Wood eating ants had reduced much of the hull to frass (ant excrement) but the frass had retained the shape of the original hull. The midsection of this boat revealed the construction methods used and confirmed the oldest ‘planked’ constructed boat yet was revealed that the boat was built from the outside in, there was no internal frame. Averaging 75’ long and 7’-10’ wide at their greatest width, these boats were only about two feet deep with narrow prow and stern. Several boats were white plastered as were the Abydos tombs, and no.10 was painted yellow.

    Mortise-Tenon Joint“One of the most important indigenous woodworking techniques was the fixed Mortise and tenon joint. A fixed tenon is made by shaping the end of one timber to fit into a mortise (hole) that is cut into a second timber. A variation of this joint using a free tenon eventually became one of the most important features in Mediterranean and Egyptian shipbuilding. It creates a union between two planks or other components by inserting a separate tenon into a cavity (mortise) of the corresponding size cut into each component."

    Seams between planks were filled with reed bundles, reeds also covered the floor of each Abydos boat. Without internal framing, some of these boats became twisted, as was unavoidable without an internal skeleton for support when out of the water. The wood of the Abydos boats was local Tamarix - tamarisk, salt cedar - not cedar from Lebanon which was used for Khufu’s Solar Barque and favored for shipbuilding in Egypt in later dynasties.

    Lebanon cedar was used for the poles and beams of the Umm el-Qa'ab tombs and had already been imported earlier. Pigment residues hinted at bright colors. The wood planks were painted yellow on their outside and traces of white pigment have also been found.“A part of the mud brick casing suggests that there could have been a support for poles/pennants on top of the boats, as in the boats depicted on pottery or atop the archaic shrines onto some mace heads/palettes.

    This technology for ship construction persisted in Egypt for more than one thousand years and the standardization of this earliest phase of plank boat construction in Egypt is striking.

    The use of unpegged joints seems odd, if not eccentric, and is not found in well established, ancient Mediterranean shipbuilding traditions. This approach allowed Egyptian boats used in trade to be easily disassembled, the planks transported at least 115 km through the desert and then re-assembled to be used on important trading routes such as those in the Red Sea. There are pictographs of boats dating from Predynastic Egypt and the First Dynasty along the first half of the route in the desert known to be used to reach the Red Sea from Upper Egypt. A sketch on an Ostracon found at depicts priests carrying the Solar Bark of Amun across the desert. This rock art is not only evidence for take apart, portable boats, but has magical significance as well.

    Check this site for more info :

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    Source(s): Boat Plans
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