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The State Of Maryland Claims to be in finance trouble?

But, they are building highways and putting up talking crossing stations and increasing man hour in the government payroll , do you think this is right or how do you think our hard earn tax money should be spent ?


Such as ICB state funded projects.

Crossing station are also state funded.

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    I'd say that this has been a longtime problem with government increasing salaries and working less and less , it's unfortunate , but true. I would love to see more of our tax money use to grow our future in school programs .I paid for my kids to go on an educational trip $190.00 each on a school bus and I had to provide their food $40.00 each ( trip included 1 night at a hotel trip to Pa.I work everyday no problem ,but several parents couldn't afford it ,so their kids, couldn't go and were given homework to do at home...costing the parents childcare or 2 days off of work..either way they lose and the kids were left out.I would have love to see Md pick up that tap. I would also like to see the minimum wage rate increased to fit today's economics.

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    As a fellow Marylander, the dumbocrats that elected O'Malley will see haw bad of a money manager and crook he is now the the money from the Federal government will dry up this year.

    These project were on the table before O'Malley took charge and contractually we have to finish them.


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    20 percent across the board reduction in pay packets and benefits for all government employees would do a lot to relieve the pressure on state and local budgets.

    those projects you see were probably paid for by either the federal government or were bonded and have little to do with the depth of the crisis in the next budget.

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    It's called stimulus money and it's illegal to spend it on state budgets.

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    Don't worry, the government/FED money tree will provide!

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