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Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilots?

BQ: Favourite songs from each? (:

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    Stone Temple Pilots. I like Scott Weiland's voice better, and enjoy the guitar riffs more.

    BQ: STP:



    Interstate Love Song

    Sex Type Thing

    Sour Girl




    Just Breathe

    Not to say that Pearl Jam isn't awesome. Because they are. I just like STP better. :)

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    In terms of musicality, Pearl Jam had more originality and creativity. Stone Temple Pilots had good music too, but they borrowed too heavily from other bands for their music and sound like too many other rock bands. Pearl Jam lasted a lot longer, recorded a lot more music, had a lot more success and had their own sound that you recognized when you heard it and that's what the great bands do.

    Pearl Jam: Betterman

    STP: Interstate Love Song

    Source(s): my music library
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    10 years ago

    I'd say Stone Temple Pilots, though Pearl Jam is a more "beloved" band for some reason.

    I think STP's albums are more memorable throughout their career.

    BQ: STP: Piece Of Pie

    PJ: Release

  • bryan
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    Early STP is great, but around Tiny Music, they started to get mediocre. Pearl Jam has more good albums. So only including STP's first 2 albums, I'd pick them, otherwise I say Pearl Jam.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    STP all the way:

    I like Meatplow

    Pearl Jam:

    I like Even Flow

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    10 years ago

    STP...Scott Weiland is a much more versatile and capable vocalist than Eddie Vedder.


    STP - Hickory Dichotomy

    Pearl Jam - Big Wave

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    I'd have to say STP


    Pearl Jam: Black

    STP: Creep

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    they both jam

    stp--- vasoline

    pearl jam---have 2 agree--- even flow

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