Does Tesco print 120 films?

I would like to buy a Holga CFN 120, but the closest place to develop films to me is Tesco.

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  • kaiy2k
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    9 years ago
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    It's hard to know which shop you are talking about, since you don't give a location, but the best way to ask, is to call them.

    You might consider getting a 35mm lo-fi camera, like the Holga 135bc. Why?

    1. Lower cost of film. You get more frames per roll, and if you are a beginner, the way to get good at shooting with film, is to shoot lots of it. I find that when beginners use 120 film, it's higher costs and higher cost of processing keeps them from shooting because they are very much aware of how much each shot costs.

    2. Easier to find. 35mm film is much easier to find than the 120 film used in the Holga 120 cameras. I see it in the drugstores, as well as few grocery stores (although that is becoming a much rarer experience).

    3. Easier to get processed. Most drugstores and large big box stores like Target or Walmart still have 1-hour labs, but only for 35mm film. You will have to find a local lab to process your 120 film, or send it out.

    4. Lower cost of processing. It cheaper to get your 35mm film processed. If you skip the prints and just get the roll processed and put on CD, you can cut the cost down even more. Tip: If you want prints, then you only pay for the ones that came out. This keeps the cost of processing down.

    Take a look at one of these 35mm cameras:

    Holga 135 or 135BC

    Similar cheap lens and operation as the Holga 120 cameras. 1 aperture setting (yes, the camera has 2 settings, but they are identical), 2 shutter settings, N (1/100 sec) and B (Bulb setting) tripod mount, cable release socket If you want the corner vignetting like on the larger format camera, get the Holga 135BC.

    Sample photos:

    Superheadz Black Slim Devil

    This is a clone based on the popular vintage Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim. It has no exposure controls and no flash option, but with it's wider than normal lens (22mm) it is capable of taking some outstanding photos.

    Sample photos: There really isn't a good Flickr group for these cameras yet, so the sample photos are from the Vivitar UWS

    I have Out of the Box Videos posted on my youtube channel:

    Superheadz Black Slim Devil:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Holga 135BC:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Whichever camera you choose, remember that the point of lo-fi photography is to have fun and don't sweat the details!

    For tips for lo-fi cameras, check out my website:

    For how-to videos for Holgas and Diana cameras, check out my youtube channel:

  • John P
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    9 years ago

    Ask at Tesco, but the answer is probably no. But don't buy a Holga, the build quality is rubbish.

  • rozzi
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    3 years ago

    Tesco Film Processing

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Developing films is an up to standard idea

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