what do you think is the difference bewteen legally accepted.....................?

........'drugs' and non legally accepted 'drugs'?


thats not really true tho dinkle

there are many many more drugs that are legally accepted , alcohol isnt the only one, evne chocolate is a drug

we just dont 'call' it a drug, we call it chocolate

and they do affect your control, thats the point in drugs, they affect your brain chemicals

Update 2:


any drug can put the consumer at risk,

caffine can lead to many problems, cardiovascular, emotional, gastrointesional, blood sugar and on and on

Update 3:

this is part of my question

some are legal, and some arent

the differences in how they affect us are usually pretty small , so what is really the difference except that we are legally allowd some, and not legally allowed others

Update 4:


if you drank enough caffen you could easily loose control, your adrenaline woudl be through the roof, you could do any number of things

why do you think casfeen energy drinks are so popular

The sugar in chocolate can make it addictive, addiction can lead to violence

It can lead to headaces, they can lower your patience, that can lead to violence

Update 5:

caffeine not casfeen ;-(

Update 6:

evey day you hear someone say things like 'if o dont get my coffee in the morning i cant do anything'

or if i dont get my cofeein the morning im not in a good mood'

these are meant as jokes, but they come from a hint of truth, their brain doesnt feel good, it wants more cofee and will do what evey it takes to get it, just like any addicted brain

Update 7:

"i think it boils down to the power of the producer's political lobby, and to a lesser degree, social acceptance"

yip, i agree with you thre tim

tho i think social acceptance is the larger part of it not the lesser

Update 8:

"Making it legal doesn't make it safe"

exactly breeze, and in the same respect,making it illegal doesnt make it more dangerous


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    The legally accepted ones are legal and the other ones aren't.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It all boils down to how the drug affects you. For example, caffeine isn't very likely to put the consumer at risk or third parties at risk. Cannabis can really affect your mentality over time and research shows it leads people on to more types of drugs. That's the main reason it's illegal, but there's also the fact that it can be home-grown so easily and the government couldn't tax it as they do with alcohol and cigarettes.

    As long as the favourable outcomes (taxation revenue) outweigh the adverse outcomes (crime rates and health problems), the government are more likely to legalise that drug.

    I'm only an 18 year old and using limited knowledge though.

    Source(s): Studied Economics
  • 9 years ago

    I just think it is one big pile of rubbish because it is well known that legal drugs can give people very bad site effects and its quite common for people to be just as addicted to them. I think it is pathetic that someone who uses a illegal drug in the private of there own home sensibly is a criminal compared to someone abusing a legal drug then they just get help while the other face's jail.

    The government would love to tap into the illegal drug industry only because on how much the industry rakes in and if they do it will be better for all and it will be easy to convict drug lords. Alas it does not work that way they hope to stamp it out alongside prostitution which will never go!!!!

  • 9 years ago

    i think it boils down to the power of the producer's political lobby, and to a lesser degree, social acceptance.

    any prohibition is a bad thing, imho. all it does is create a black market that the government can't control. portugal just legalized all drugs. i'll wager that it will soon have a booming tourist industry, vastly increased tax revenue, and aggressive treatment programs funded by the taxes it will now get from drug sales.

    i'll also wager that the US spends way more on its 'war on drugs' than it would need to spend on civilized treatment programs that would be more effective. this would include economic loss due to drug-related crime, court cases, imprisonment, and everything else related to attempting to control a black market.

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  • 9 years ago

    Actual drugs (not chocolate and coffee).... there really isn't a difference, in my opinion. Prescribed drugs for depression, ADD, ADHD and many other "mind" problems are all given to alter the state of a person's mind... many by trial and error with negative results. Ohhhhh... that one made you nuts and suicidal! Let's try a different one!

    Making it legal doesn't make it safe.

  • 9 years ago

    Nothing much. The legally accepted ones make profits for the drug companies the illegal ones make money for drug cartells. Actually there isn't much difference between the two organisations.

  • Skye M
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Unfortunately it is just the governing bodies attitude toward the drug. Some of the drugs that are now illegal used to have purpose and lagitimate use till the government outlawed them.

  • 9 years ago

    In some cases, the difference lies in their deadliness. In others, it's a case of not wanting to add more drugs to the market even though they would be less harmful than some that are already legal.

  • 9 years ago

    Legal drugs either don't make you lose your control, or it can be told instantly how much you've had (i.e you can be breathalised to find out if you're driving drunk, there isn't a way of doing this to see if you're driving on drugs)

    Edit: Yes, but it doesn't make you lose control though does it! I was very careful with my wording :P

    Affecting brain chemicals does not make you lose control of yourself. Eating chocolate is not going to make you punchsomeone in the face because they looked at you funny.

  • Sara
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Making the possession of mind-altering substances a criminal offense is by and large, a governmental war on the young people. They are mostly the ones brave enough to play games with their brains. We older people are jealously guarding every brain cell we still have.

  • 9 years ago

    Illegal drugs would put the tobacco and alcohol industries out of business; legal drugs aren't produced in high enough quantities to do so.

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