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Why not give tax cuts when it gives incentives to work, save, invest, create jobs and increase growth?

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    9 years ago
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    First of all, giving tax cuts is not supposed to create incentives to save. Tax cuts, in theory, are supposed to increase consumer spending. You should learn what tax cuts are supposed to do before you go saying "tax cuts are fantastic!"

    Anyway, you're assuming trickle down economics works. Don't forget that time lags and people are greedy. Kind of decreases the benefits of tax cuts, don't you think? Government spending is still going to happen too. Are you going to prevent the government from funding the military, police, fire department, education, etc? Education needs more money, if anything. The military, namely the science related portions, needs more money too.

    Tax cuts for the middle and lower class is honestly debatable. Tax cuts for the ultra-rich who will just keep the money for themselves while continuing to exploit others is definitely not a smart idea.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's a big list and tax-cuts as a broad term do not not necessarily do those things in a deflationary recession like we have now, although they do in an inflationary recession like in the 70's.

    The best reason to not give tax cuts is that it undercuts and defunds the necessary infrastructure that it takes to maintain a stable society that perpetuates itself in the information age.

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