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申請父母移民澳洲 as secondary appliant

Hello I'm a HK trained nurse. Currently working in Australia as a causal RN under working holiday visa.

Planing to lodge my visa 175 application within Feb before my Eng test result expired. And my only brother, who got his PR in 2007, will back to AU later this year to join me.

Now the problem is our mum. Can she be my secondary application at the time when I lodge my visa 175 application? Or she's just suitable for visa 103/ 143? Given that she is 50 years old right now and still working in HK?

BTW is it possible to get my PR within a year?

Thanks for all your expert advice~~


To HoHo:

Thanks for ur reply. Yeah my eng test result is equivalent to IELTS all B yet the result will expire May 2011.......i think it's alright as the all "8" IELTS policy apply to those applicants after June 2011, and now in the process of gathering documents for PR.

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    have u apply PR yet?pass ITIES 8888

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    after u get PR ,u can apply ur mon to here with ur brother . u need to have alot of income tax and centre link money to apply ur mon in two yrs.

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