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What is a good brand of dog food for a pitbull? My dog keeps having diarrhea!?

I am looking for a new brand of food for my pitbull. We have switched brand three times. He has been on Blue Buffalo, Neutral, and now Avoderm. He has very bad diarrhea and he won't stop farting now. It smells horrible! I don't want to kick him out of the house so I end up wearing a mask sometimes because he farts every 5-10 minutes :( And he must have stomach aches if his gas smells that bad! :( Could he possibly be sick or should I look into other brands or should I just wait it out since Avoderm is new to him? Any recommendations would be great. He is a little over 1 years old. Btw he doesn't look sick at all. He is still playful, wags his tail all the time, but has gas all the time as well.

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    I have learnt by my mistakes. My present dog had dreadful problems because of the food which I gave her, I experimented with dog food, I tried raw diets, cooked diets and over the years I tried various dog foods. She did not like the raw diets and the dog food that I gave her resulted in diarrhoea. As an experienced dog owner I introduced any changes gradually. Nevertheless my dog still had problems.

    Eventually, because of my researches on the Internet I found that the experts have recently discovered that GRAIN in our dog’s diet causes many problems. I now know that grain creates acidity in the blood. This causes skin problems, digestive issues, allergies, sickness, constipation, diarrhoea, anal gland problems etc.,

    if your dog has skin problems or any of the above problems PLEASE CHANGE THE DIET. Avoid Grain, rice, beef derivatives and dairy food

    A rapid change of diet will upset your dog; any change of diet must be done gradually. Do please change to a grain free diet. I have had sixteen dogs throughout the years and they have had various problems. Perhaps if I had known about the dangers of GRAIN they would have had fewer problems. .

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    I would ask a vet but sometimes a sudden food change can be the problem. Also if you change a food too many times your dog can become very picky that can be a bad thing. If you have been switching foods it is important to slowly introduce the new food by mixing more and more in with the old food until it is entirely the new food. Sometimes the rapid change of a food can cause a stomach upset. The best foods my step mother (who is a vet) has recommended to me, Natural Choice by Nutro and Iams Premium Protection. The first ingredient in a lot of foods is corn, it isn't necessarily bad thing but it is harder to digest and it is just a filler. Chicken is good and so is turkey as a first ingredient. The first ingredient is what the food contains most of. Good luck hopefully your pooch can get rid of his stinky situation. =]

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    You should consult a vet.

    However, if you change brands, you are supposed to mix just a little new into the old, and gradually increase the ratio until it is all new.

    If you changed foods because of the diarrhea and gas, then he probably has some problem with his intestines, which can happen with large breeds. If problems did not start until after the changeover, then he has a sensitive system.

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    dogs are much like us humans in terms of diet. some foods just don't work out for individuals. try different brands, or maybe fresh food? some good dog food brands are

    - solid gold

    - taste of the wild

    - canidae

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    You should try Taste of the Wild i had problems when my dog was a pup and we had him on all of those you mentioned pluss more. found out he had allergies to grains and when we put him on taste of the wild - wow what a difference ! its a great quality food also and the poo's are alot smaller.

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    cooked chicken fillets and boiled rice for about four days should sort it , then normal dog food there after

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    I use purina dog chow. my pits love it

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