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Question: Does anybody have sex to music?

I know ive seen it on Tv and movies but does it actually happen in real life?

Im still a virgin but ive always had a fantasy about putting on some Marvin Gaye and gettin down.

Do normal people have sex to music or does it make it too awkward?

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    I think the answer to that question is one that depends on who you ask! Some people like to play music while they are having sex in order to enhance the sexual experience. Of course, there is different music for different moods. If you want to have wild and crazy sex, you might put on a song with a stimulating beat. If you are in the mood for slow, gentle sex, you might put on a song with a more seductive beat.

    Of course, some people don't like music on when they are " getting busy" because it distracts them for what they are doing, like some other people have said.

    So, when you have a partner, you and the other person have to decide which way is right for the both of you having sex WITH music, or having sex WITHOUT music, because you want both of you to have a pleasurable experience.

    Myself personally, I like to have music to fit the mood in the bedroom, but if the wrong song comes on, at the wrong time, it can be distracting and ruin the mood. That's why I like to have a playlist of songs, so I don't have to stop in the middle of what I'm doing, to change the song to a more appropriate one for the time.

    Also, I like to use the music to drown out the sound of other people around me, because THAT can be distracting too! I always feel like someone is listening to me having sex, and it creeps me out.

    I am very loud, and even scream sometimes, so that is another reason I like to put on music. To drown the sounds of me " you know".

    But as I said, different strokes for different folks. What's normal to one person, may not be normal to another, but it's what works best for you that matters.

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    Ha ha yeah, definitely.

    Nothing like a little old school White Zombie if you feel like a freak or some Nine Inch Nails if you just want to be a little dirty. Just keep up with the tempo. I like the odd things in life though ^_~"

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    It really depends on what kind of music you play. If you're with a party girl, you don't play classical music, you play Lady Gaga. If you're with a rocker, you don't play Lady Gaga, you play some Led Zeppelin.

    But sometimes, it's just better without the music.

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    i think of you need to be comfortable, notably with a number of those knuckleheads providing you with a problematical time. So in case you desire song, the two ask her to have her fave enjoying, or play some thing that makes you experience tender and comfortable. do not decide for the glaring, like "permit's Get It On" :D Play some thing romantic I merely made a itemizing of 10 appealing songs, desire i knew the place I positioned it! i stumbled on plenty on my checklist by potential of Googling, so in case you have time, attempt that too.

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    Yes, it is very common. But first you should make sure you and your partner like the same music. These days people are very compartmented about what they like and dislike in music,

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  • No. Not my personal taste. It's distracting and I rather hear the melody of pleasure coming from my partner.

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    9 years ago

    im sure some people do it but for me i wouldnt be able to listen to music i want every thinf to be focused on the love im making and the only music will be my loud moaning!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Rose of sheryn, the song i lost my verginity to. How great it is to be 16!!!

    I wish i never have to grow up!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    haven't u seen the movies ?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i lost virginity listening to led zeppelin. amazing....

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