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where can i find a program that gives me the best word for Scrabble. w/ board, not just an anagram generator?

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    Scrabble Solver

    Quick How To for the Scrabble Solver

    - Choose a word dictionary (TWL, SOWPODS, OSPD, ENABLE, ODS) and

      a game design (Standard, Lexulous, Literati, Wordscraper, Wordfeud, etc)

    - Fill the board and the rack, use "space" for a blank tile.

    - Click "Get Solutions" to see the results find by the scrabble word finder.

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    here is a quote from the site:

    "Now if i could just get some google hits:

    This program is a scrabble cheat, it has a useable scrabble dictionary. This program finds the best word to play for a given scrabble board. Scrabble word finder, scrabble board cheat, scrabble cheater, scrabble cheat board, scrabble solver, best scrabble word, auto scrabble generator, scrabble word maker and scrabble tool are all phrases that can be used to describe this program. This program contains a scrabble online dictionary."

  • 10 years ago

    Really? LOL. You want to cheat at Scrabble? Lame.

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