I need a good argument for why education should be free to all regardless of citizenship.?

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    Well first of all there is no such thing as a free public education. We all pay for it through taxes. That just means the costs are hidden, but they're still there. (And if you live in a community with high property taxes, they're really not hidden either!) Many economists have argued that this is a big part of the reason why public schools actually cost quite a lot per student while often delivering sub-par results.

    But anyway, your question was more concerned with the citizenship aspect. Well, non-citizens pay property taxes too. Even if you rent your house or apartment, your landlord is still paying property taxes, which is of course accounted for in your rent. So whether you're a citizen or not doesn't matter; you're paying for the public schools, so you (or your kids) should be entitled to their use.

    One could also make a moral argument. On what basis could it possibly be considered moral to treat people as second-class citizens because they happened to be born on the other side of some totally man-made line? And why would any moral person even want second-class citizens? Denying education to non-citizen residents strikes me as just a veiled form of xenophobia.

    Then there's a Constitutional argument. Technically, no the Constitution does not say that everyone should get a free public education regardless of citizenship. (Actually it says nothing about public education at all; nearly all schools were private for over a century after the founding of our country.) But I happen to think that the Constitution is a great document, and that the ideals set forth in it should apply to everyone. Ideals like freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom from undue searches & seizures, and equal treatment under the law. It's that last one, equality under the law, that applies in this question. If we say that blacks should be equal to whites under the law, and women equal to men, and one religion equal to other religions (or no religion), then why should we differentiate based on citizenship? Isn't the ideal of equality under the law, by definition, suitable for all?

    Finally, there's a pragmatic argument. It's simply better for society to have everyone have at least some basic level of education. People with more education tend to earn more in life, and better-educated societies are more innovative, better decision-makers and generally happier. So an educated populace, regardless of citizenship, is in our best interests.

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    Those in the age groups eligible for free education are not of an age of consent. In many ways they are victims of circumstance. By providing education to these refugees we are upholding what we believe a civil right. We are aiding those without a choice so they can make choices.

    In the same regard, education became grossly public and compulsory during Irish immigration in the industrial revolution. It was done to control those too young to work. We have a hard enough time making sure kids stay out of trouble after school. Imagine the trouble without. So it is crime control.

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    Sorry, but I don't have one.

    When people think something is "Free" they ignore the fact that someone has to pay for it. That someone is a producer. Additionally they will abuse the their free status. Look at ER's. Significant illegal aliens are in most of then and many have little more than a cold.

    Producers are demonized, and robbed for being producers. If you get a ticket for speeding you are punished by having to pay a fine, if I produce something I am punished by having to pay taxes on any profit I make.

    You should take a good look at who pays taxes to provide free lunches, free education, free health care, free cell phones and God only knows what else. You fill find that the top wage earners pay more tax per dollar earned than the next one down the line. The result is the top 5% pay about 80% of the taxes while controlling about 35% of the resources.

    The minute "EVERYBODY" starts paying taxes is the minute you may find a sympathetic ear on me but until then "No Way".

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    10 years ago

    Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer.

    Education is not one of those things which people universally accept as a right. Food, water, and shelter are universally accepted as rights. Education is not.

    Why should education be free? Who is going to volunteer? Who is going to expend resources?

    Education should be free because it is simply the right thing to do. People should be willing to volunteer resources just as they do for fire departments and emergency medical technicians. By choosing to volunteer, we are choosing also to expend resources. Some of that is in time, money, and other things.

    Good luck with that. If you are going to argue or discuss a subject, it is good to know the other side as well.

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  • 10 years ago

    1. Education is the number one deterrent to poverty and crime. I believe you can find statistics and expert opinions to back this up.

    2. I assume this is about whether to make K-12 education available to illegal immigrants. The fact is that they and their children are going be here anyway. So might as well educate the children, so that they don't add to the crime and poverty of our country.

  • 10 years ago

    How is taxation free?

    Typical American idiot.

    The Roads are free.

    DMV service is free.

    Police is free.

    Firefighters are free.

    Congress gets paid with magic money that appears from nowhere.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Because you want an educated, literate work force or you can't have democracy or labor.

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