What does they mean? [Chinese]?

What do these characters mean?

Can you give me the pronunciation and have it in letters and english translation?

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  • 10 years ago
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    They are 倚天劍 and 屠龍刀 (see below for pronunciation). These are actually the names of two swords that came from a very popular Chinese story of heroics and martial arts epic, the story itself is titled 倚天屠龍記.

    倚天劍 is pronounced:

    In mainland China and Taiwan (Mandarin): yi-tian-jian

    In Hong Kong (Cantonese): yi-tin-kim (the "k" in "kim" is unaspirated)

    倚天劍 means the "Heavenly Sword".

    屠龍刀 is pronounced:

    In mainland China and Taiwan (Mandarin): tu-lōng-dao (the "ō" in "lōng" is a long "o", as in the word "only" or "hello").

    In Hong Kong (Cantonese): tō-lōng-dō (all the "ō" are the same as the long "o" above).

    屠龍刀 means the "Dragon Slaying Sabre".

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    10 years ago

    The first set I think the top one is a big door, the second is sky the last has something to do with people I think, specifically girls and also infers the direction down or small

    The second set I can tell has the sun/light as part of the word, the second has the moon as part of the word, third I don't know

    I don't know the pronounciation

    In context it looks religious/philosophical to me

    If I took a wild stab at it I'd read it as something to do with being under the heavens

  • 10 years ago

    It kinda blurry but I speak mandarin and the right middle means dragon, it sounds like the word long. The one to the left means sky, and is pronounced ti-anne.

    Source(s): I speak portuguese, mandarin (Taiwan), english, german, and italian.
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    10 years ago

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