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Ice Skating Columbus Ohio?

I Live In Columbus Ohio And I Wanted To Know If There Are Any Ice Rings Around Besides The Chiller

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    There are several ice rinks in Columbus, Ohio. Just use arenamaps.com to look for rinks in any state/city. Sometimes there might be a rink just outside a city that would also be near enough, so you might want to search by state.


    1. Chiller - Dublin,Dublin,OH,USA

    2. Chiller - Easton,Columbus,OH,USA

    3. Chiller Ice Works (formerly Worthington Ice Center),Worthington,OH,USA

    4. Chiller North,Lewis Center,OH,USA

    5. Columbus Zoo Rink,Powell,OH,USA

    6. Nationwide Arena/CoreComm Ice Haus,Columbus,OH,USA

    7. Newark Ice Arena (Lou and Gib Reese Ice Arena),Newark,OH,USA

    8. Ohio State Fairgrounds Coliseum,Columbus,OH,USA

    9. Ohio State University Ice Arena,Columbus,OH,USA

    10. Value City Arena - Ohio State University,Columbus,OH,USA

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    Ice Skating Columbus Ohio

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    I cannot tell you directly because I don't have knowledge of that area but u suggest googling it or looking on the us figure skating website, usfsa.org.

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