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Help booting Windows XP from boot disk?

I have a Windows XP Home Edition and when it tried to start, it would say Disk boot Failed : Insert Boot Disk and hit Enter. So, I made a boot disk with Nero, using a windows XP boot file called WinXP_EN_HOM_BF.EXE from microsoft . com

I put the disk into the CD drive and it started reading it saying:

Boot from CD:

1. FD 1.44MB System Type-(0F)

Starting Caldera DR-DOS...

Oak Technology Inc. OTI-011

CD-ROM deivce driver, Rev D011V110

(C) Copyright Oak Technology Inc. 1993, 1994

Device name: MSCD001

After that, it just stops and does nothing.. I've tried pressing enter again, and tried taking the CD out, but when it's doing this it doesn't allow the CD drive to open. I'm really lost here and I don't know what to do. Also, there is a short time when I can press some F buttons to go to certain menus, but that's right before it attempts to start and fails. Can someone please help me?


Okay, I've made the CD drive the first thing to check for boot files, but it still is doing the same thing. :(

Update 2:

Well the original problem was that the computer wouldn't start up, no matter what, it would stay at the loading screen and never start. It wouldn't give me the option to use system restore, since it wouldn't even start the right way. Eventually, the disk boot didn't work. Now, I just put the original installation cd in, but it's stuck at this: Please wait, analyzing hard disk subsystem" but it's been at that for awhile. I think it's stuck..

Update 3:

I've gotten past that part, then it says "Run Max Blast 4 from CD or FLOPPY?" I choose C for CD, then it says press any button to continue. The first time, it said 1 file copied, then went to a menu, where I chose "run installation" or something like that. Then it hung, and I had to restart again. I got to the "press any button to continue" stage again, and then it said "1 file copied" then hung. I restarted again, and now everytime I press any button to continue, it just restarts.. It's going backwards. This computer is really irritating me :/

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    Hi Stephanie,

    There`s a few grey areas here, to say the least.

    To "boot" from any disc, firstly insert the disc, THEN restart/reboot your system. Continuously tap F8, F12 or Enter until the boot screen appears, then select the appropriate boot option. Are you rebooting or simply trying to run a new install/repair immediately after inserting the disc? You MUST reboot!

    There`s no logical explanation I`m aware of as to why you cannot open the CD drive,

    Also, the "system" on the burnt disc appears obsolete, and I find it hard to believe that a windows system has been copyrighted by anyone other than themselves!

    All that side, have you tried a system restore? I would think that`s a sensible alternative, but not knowing what the original problem is/was it`s difficult to try and help you.

    If you can give more information as to the original problem, ie the reason for a new installation, I`ll try and help you.

    Hope I can.

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    The boot file you are using is meant to be put on a floppy disk.

    It`s purpose is allow a non bootable CD drive to become a bootable one.

    That is not your problem as i see it.First check you have gone into the BIOS and set the CD drive as first boot device -

    If your CD drive has always worked,it should work as a boot device as well.

    Sometimes,it`ll work after a few tries.

    Make sure the CD is not obviously dirty or a fake CD ;)

    If nothing works,remove the hard drive and attach it to another computer via USB (or internally if you are up to that).That will tell you to tell whether it is actually working and you can run Chkdsk on it too.See here for Chkdsk -

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