When was sugar introduced into France or Western Europe?

I'm curious when sugar became available for the cuisines of France and Western Europe through invading armies, trade routes, etc.

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    9 years ago
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    Of course, honey had been widely available in the West long before sugar as we know it. But sugar itself was developed first in India, and then spread to the West along with the Muslim expansion around the 8th century. It was certainly in southern France and throughout Spain by that time.

    You can read more about the history of sugar development and use in Europe at the Wikipedia article below:


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    not fairly. frequently eastern Europe has been much less rich than Western Europe and in recent situations it became probably Western Europe who paved the way in exploration and so on (e.g. British Empire) yet you won't be in a position to overlook that an excellent form of Europes maximum valuable civilisations have been Southern eu (as an occasion historic Greeks and the Roman Empire) so the African genes won't be in a position to be 'hurting' them that plenty as you stated. And to be trustworthy, eastern Europe's important challenge became communism, it incredibly is unlike they are stupid or something.

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    Europeans had honey since forever. That contains sugar.

    They had sugar beets, too, and started making a sweet syrup from it in 1590.

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