Does anyone know what the colors mean that DCF issues for drug testing when you call in if your color comes up?

This is in massachusetts dcf, I'm just wondering what the frequency of Aqua means, or what the severity of the color aqua means. I have been helping out someone with transportation, and seems some missing pieces in what they are telling me so just wondering what the aqua color she was given means, and why it would mean going to a hospital for the drug testing urinalysis instead of the court house.

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    In Mass you wake up every morning and call the number provided by your probation department. Every morning a color is named over the phone line. If it's your color you will have to report at the sheriffs department for drug testing that day.

    Uses colors from the Cooper Color Code system used in U. S. law enforcement training for threat assessment

    High Risk- Red and Black- Probability of being called 3+ times a week.

    Standard Risk- Blue- Probability of being called once a week.

    Moderate Risk- Orange- Probability of being called 2 times a month.

    Low Risk- Probability of being called less than 2 times a month.

    Supervising Officer assesses Offender’s Testing Risk in accordance with Substance abuse testing order Center Assigns Appropriate Drug Testing Color Offender receives written instructions to call the Center, daily Officer explains collection procedures Officer explains non compliance (positive

    test, failure to produce sample) responses

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    NO. FOOD COLORING WILL NOT WORK. THATS A MYTH. ok listen bro. I have mad experience with this. They are going to do a urine test, not a blood or hair sample. The reason for this being that the latter two testing methods are way too expensive. Here is what you need to do: Step 1) Drink ridiculous amounts of water daily from when you first wake up, until you go to bed. I want you to be pissing at least 12-15 times a day. This will speed up the expulsion of THC metabolites that get stored in your fat cells. But you have to do this everyday (including the day of the test) because just doing it once is not going to work. Step 2) Drink cranberry juice, coffee or other natural diuretics. these are beneficial not only because they help you go to the bathroom, but cranberry juice naturally cleans your liver and helps kidney function, which is going to speed up the process and make it more efficient! Step 3) On the day of the test, drink TONS of water, so that by the time you take the actual test, your piss is completely clear. This gives you the best chance of passing the test! If your urine is yellow or orange, that means there is stuff in it, and there could easily be low levels of THC metabolites left over!! THC metabolites= BAD. Step 4) (optional) If you want to be EXTRA careful, and I would really recommend this because it has worked for me numerous times and kept me out of jail after I violated my probation for failing a surprise drug test originally in the first place, obtain either a 'black magic' or 'omni-clear' brand drink or 1oz shot w/ vitamins (that was the one I used- I recommend the shot, the premixed drink taste NAST, the shot is the same thing just without the water, so remember to drink extra water while u take the vitamins) but there are a few others which are essentially the same. You can get these at GNC, or vitamin/supplement stores. Usually they are tucked away somewhere either behind the counter or in some cabinet so you have to ask for it. What this is, is a special drink with a concoction of herbs and vitamins which helps to MASK the evil THC metabolites which remain in your urine everytime you piss. It is guaranteed to work, but like I said make sure you drink TONS of water. Take it 1 hour before the test and pee at least 3 times before you take the actual test. Your urine should be a slight green flourescent color. When it is, that is when you know its working. Like I said this is optional, but why take a chance? It worked for me multiple times and its only $20. I've passed drug tests the next DAY after smoking tons of bud the night before. However, DO NOT SMOKE anymore. It's not worth it. Follow these steps and you will pass and soon you will be smoking without having to worry about big brother testing your pee! Remember clear/flourescent green = GOOD TO GO. I would recommend these steps to anyone who is trying to pass a drug test for any substance, including but not limited to: pot, opiates, cocaine, and benzodiazepines. They do not test for hallucinogens. Buprenorphine does not show up on urine tests. GOOD LUCK ALL

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    what about green

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