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What happens if I use linseed oil to paint objects made from clay?

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    (oops...just realized you didn't say the *type* of clay you answer refers to polymer clay; guess the same basic things would be true for air-dry clays too)

    The objects be fine but will take a long time to dry if using linseed oil (compared to the usual acrylic paints). Artists' oil paints (and presumably plain linseed oil too) won't damage/dissolve polymer clay like petroleum-based oils will if that's what you were worried about.

    There's more info about using artists' oil paints on polymer clay (and other paints/colorants) primarily on this page at my site if you're interested:

    For the more-commonly used clear water-based finishes, check this one too:

    (Did you really mean to use only plain linseed oil to "paint" with though?)


    Diane B.

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  • 10 years ago

    The oil would just sit on top of the clay and end up a gummy mess. Use ceramic paints or Acrylic paint. If you want to keep them white then use a varnish made for clay that you get at a craft store.

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