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1新進從業人員應先經衛生醫療機構檢查合格後,始得聘僱。僱用後每年應主動辦理健康檢查乙次。    2從業人員在A型肝炎、手部皮膚病、出疹、膿瘡、外傷、結核病或傷寒等疾病之傳染或帶菌期間,或有其他可能造成食品污染之疾病者,不得從事與食品接觸之工作     。    3新進從業人員應接受適當之教育訓練,使其執行能力符合生產、衛生及品質管理之要求,在職從業人員應定期接受有關食品安全、衛生與品質管理之教育訓練,各項訓練應確實執行並作成紀錄。    4食品作業場所內之作業人員,工作時應穿戴整潔之工作衣帽(鞋),以防頭髮、頭屑及夾雜物落入食品中,必要時應戴口罩。凡與食品直接接觸的從業人員不得蓄留指甲、塗抹指甲油及佩戴飾物等,並不得使塗抹於肌膚上之化粧品及藥品等污染食品或食品接觸面。    5從業人員手部應經常保持清潔,並應於進入食品作業場所前、如廁後或手部受污染時,依標示所示步驟正確洗手或(及)消毒。工作中吐痰、擤鼻涕或有其他可能污染手部之行為後,應立即洗淨後再工作。    6作業人員工作中不得有吸菸、嚼檳榔、嚼口香糖、飲食及其他可能污染食品之行為。    7作業人員若以雙手直接調理不經加熱即可食用之食品時,應穿戴消毒清潔之不透水手套,或將手部澈底洗淨及消毒。    8作業人員個人衣物應放置於更衣場所,不得帶     入食品作業場所。    9非作業人員之出入應適當管理。若有進入食品作業場所之必要時,應符合前列各目有關人員之衛生要求。    10從業人員於從業期間應接受衛生主管機關或其認可之相關機構所辦之衛生講習或訓練。

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    1.New employees should be checked by qualified health and medical institutions only after employment. Should take the initiative each year for post-employment medical examination once only.

    2 practitioners in hepatitis A, hand skin, rash, abscess, trauma, diseases such as tuberculosis or typhoid fever during infection or carrier, or other possible diseases caused by food contamination, shall not engage in work in contact with food .

    3 New employees should receive appropriate education and training, ability to perform consistent with the production, health and quality management requirements, in-service staff should receive regular information on food safety, hygiene and quality management education and training, the training should be actually implemented and Make a record.

    4 food workers within the workplace, work should wear clean clothing and headgear of the work (shoes), to prevent hair, dandruff and inclusion into foods, when necessary, wear a mask. All employees in direct contact with food shall not build to stay nails, apply nail polish, and wear ornaments, etc., and not to apply on the skin of the cosmetics and medicines contaminated food or food contact surfaces.

    5 employees in the hand should be kept clean, and the workplace should be before entering the food, after using the toilet or when contaminated hands, according to the steps shown in the right hands, or mark (and) disinfection. Work, spit, blow your nose or any other act that may contaminate hands, it should be washed immediately after work.

    6 workers shall not work, smoking, chewing betel nut, chewing gum, diet and other behavior that may contaminate the food.

    7 operating officer directly if your hands conditioning can be eaten without heating the food, should wear waterproof gloves, disinfection of, or to wash hands thoroughly and disinfect.

    8 operators of personal clothing should be placed in the changing workplace, not into the food work areas.

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