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CHeap Abercrombie clothing?

i love abercrombie.. but is there anyplace i can find clothing 4 cheaper?

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    Stores like Abercrombie sell boring clothing for a hell of a lot of money, which makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would I want to pay $60 for a simple plaid shirt?

    And why do you like their clothes? Because they're Abercrombie? People get too caught up in having brand name products. (For example, everyone apparently needs a pair of $180 Uggs. Hell, you can find boots that are cuter and a zillion times more comfortable for a whole lot less.)

    Basically, just go to any big store that sells clothing (Macy's, Kohl's, etc) and you'll be able to find clothes similar to Abercrombie's style for a lot less money, but without the little moose logo. Can you handle wearing something that isn't made by a popular company?

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    Platos Closet!!!!!!!!!!!!

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