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What generation wrestler will be first to win a World Title DiBiase, Rhodes, Smith or Hennig? Plus a few BQ's?

WQ:) What next generation wrestler will be the first to win a World Title

or Wwe Championship in World Wrestling Entertainment in the future?

A:) David Hart Smith

B:) Ted DiBiase Jr.

C:) Dashing Cody Rhodes

D:) Michael McGillicutty

BQ:) What next generation wrestler will be the first to win any secondary

title in World Wrestling Entertainment (Intercontinental/U.S.) in the future?

A:) David Hart Smith

B:) Ted DiBiase Jr.

C:) Dashing Cody Rhodes

D:) Michael McGillicutty

BQ2:) This is nothing to do with wrestling. I know we got a few movie fans

and comic book fans in the wrestling section. What do you think about the

choice of villains for the next Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" Chris

Nolan the director announce Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle/Catwoman) and

Tom Hardy (Bane) would be villains for the last Batman film any thoughts?

What villains would you have preferred to see in the Dark Knight Rises?

A:) Blackmask

B:) Dr. Hugo Strange

C:) The Riddler

D:) Talia Al Ghul

E:) Any other choice.

-Answer this question too thanks to all who participate best answer 10 pts.;_ylt=AhKO4...


@EMW 5000 Are you kidding me? Anne Hathaway is one of the most

beautiful actresses in Hollywood today are you blind Lol. She was in the

Get Smart movie (Agent 99) w/ The Rock and she was the White Queen

in the Alice in Wonderland movie. I think she makes a great choice plus

she was also, asked to be "The Cat" Felicia Hardy in Spider-Man 4 that

film was called off when the actor pulled out so, they just rebooted that.

Update 2:

@EMW 5000 And we already had the Scarecrow Batman Begins (2005)

and he made a cameo appearance in the Dark Knight (2008) actor Cillian

Murphy was Dr. Jonathan Crane 'The Scarecrow' villain in Batman movies.

Update 3:

@Angie I know right that Joker in the Dark Knight was awesome. I would

of cast the "Riddler" aswell Johnny Depp would of been perfect for the role

if this truly is the climax ending to the Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight film

franchise he should of cast one of the main villains. James Carey was okay

he was more of a comedy act villain in the "Riddler" I think Johnny Depp as

the Riddler would of broken records at the box office. There were other good

rumored villains Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Penguin) and Angelina Jolie to

be (Catwoman) the director already decided to go with those two villains and

I hope the movie will be almost at the level of the Batman Dark Knight in 2008.

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    i think cody rhodes will win the wwe championship. the reason i think that is because micheal mcgillicuty is in the nexus stable right now and he is a new comer, so he won't be winning the big one anytime soon. ted debiase is average on the mic and he is nothing special in the ring either and has little charisma. david hart smith is a good wrestler, but he is a jobber and the wwe is not doing anything with him. it would make the most sense if cody won it first. cody is a good wrestler, has good mic skills, and has good charisma. he also has been in the wwe the longest out of all those men you listed. he has the potential to be a good champion someday.

    bq: im gonna say micheal mcgillicuty. i think he will win the united states champion from daniel bryan. since he is a part of nexus and he is the son of a legend, he will be the one to win the united states champion. micheal is also the second best wrestler on nexus. i would say cody rhodes, but i don't think he will win it against a caliber like kofi kingston. he might feud with kofi kingston for the intercontinental champion, but not win it. and you know ted debiase is a jobber and won't win the united states champion and neither will david hart smith.

    bq2: blackmask? lol.

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    I believe that Rhodes and DiBiase both have a great chance of becoming a World Heavyweight or WWE Champion in the near future. The first out of these choices as a generation World Heavyweight or WWE Champion should be made of DiBiase. The Million Dollar Man gimmick did not get as much as his dad but Ted has the skills to pull off a championship first. Though they have DiBiase losing for now I think he will be the one from the list to hold the title. I do believe one day that they all will eventually hold either title (s) many times over.

    Lately, WWE has had Ted BiBiase on some type of losing streak especially verses Daniel Bryan (the current U.S. Title holder) and Rhodes has had some good I think Rhodes will gain that IC Title soon enough whether Kofi Kingston has it or not. D. H. Smith has not been much in the picture since his break up of the Hart Dynasty Tag Team with Tyson Kidd and Mike M. being part of the New Nexus and support of CM Punk winning the Royal Rumble and whichever title he chooses then it will be awhile unless Mike M. gets himself out of the Nexus.

    I wouldn't have thought they would have done any other Joker to me than Jack Nickelson but Heath Leger's Joker was a bit more sinister and truly worth giving him the title of being the JOKER we will remember from now on....If Heath can do that to the Joker than I would want to see someone do another twist to Jim Carrey's Riddler. If not the Riddler than maybe on the big screen Dr. Hugo Stange would be refreshing to see. I thougth about the Penguin but maybe combine several evil villians....if it is to be the last Dark Knight. Batman fought so many villians and it would be nice to bring them to the big screen with different actors of today to shed some different light on the character.

    Source(s): La. Southern Gal w/ 30+ yrs wrestling fan
  • Based on the way the WWE Booking Team is scripting their characters, I would say Dashing Cody Rhodes will be the first of these wrestlers to be a World Heavyweight Champion.

    After all the matches that Ted DiBiase, Jr. has against Daniel Bryan at Raw House Shows, one would think that he will eke out a fluke win somewhere down the road.

    The Riddler is a sentimental favorite of mine and I thought that Jim Carrey did a fantastic job. I also thought that Aaron Eckart did not get enough credit as Harvey Dent and Two Face in the first Dark Knight filme. I also thought that Mr. Eckart could have been cast as Alan Scott--The Golden Age Green Lantern in the New Green Lantern Movie. I'd like to see Talia Al Ghul and think that Megan Fox could pull off that role.

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    Ted DiBiase Jr. - He has got the most potential out of the four selection's.

    BQ: "Dashing" Cody Rhodes - Will win the Intercontinental Championship from Kofi Kingston.

    BQ2: The Riddler

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    wq: i think all of those wrestlers on the list have a good chance to be future

    world champions or wwe champions in the wwe if there careers go well the

    british bulldog never won the wwf world heavyweight title he was part of one

    of the best tag teams of all time the british bulldogs with the dynamite kid

    he did win the intercontinental championship also, mr. perfect was a world

    champion in the awa wrestling promotion and a two time intercontinental

    champion he never won the wwf title though, ted dibiase sr. was tag team

    champion with mike rotunda he never won the world title and the one from

    the list who had the most success i think was cody rhodes old man dusty

    rhodes he was a former nwa world heavyweight champion and has won lot

    of other world titles in other wrestling promotions. cody rhodes is the one's

    who's been there the longest since 2007 going on 4 years so I think he will

    be the wrestler who wins it first the all have good chances to be champions.

    bq: i think ted dibiase jr is going to ditch maryse and leave her he wont need

    her valet services anymore and he will turn face like he was rumored to have

    been to do in the future and change up his character so that he will be taken

    more seriously and then he will defeat someone for the united states title.

    bq2: mr. freeze arnold schwarzenegger in batman and robin.

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    Honestly, I don't think any of the above will win a major title any time soon, but I believe the first of the four listed to win a major title will be DH Smith. All four were bred for the sport, but none of the other wrestlers are getting a decent push, except for DH Smith. Cody Rhodes is being given a bizarre gimmick right now, and if were to stop focusing on his looks and wrestle, he'd be my choice in this category. Ted DiBiase Jr. might be the next of these wrestlers to win a tag title, should Brodus Clay win NxT season 4, but aside from that, his gimmick as the Million Dollar Couple with Maryse appears to be ending soon. Michael McGillicutty is in the Nexus, so I doubt he'll be getting anything except a tag title anytime soon.

    BQ: The next of the listed wrestlers to attain a secondary title is, once again, DH Smith. As I specified, Cody Rhodes is being pushed via a ridiculous gimmick, Ted DiBiase has been underperforming as if he were to be the next Santino Marella, and Michael McGillicutty is gonna be too focused on the Nexus to win a title; I could, however, see Nexus leader CM Punk getting a title shot.

    BQ2: I personally don't care about Batman. Never seen one, doubt I ever will.

    Edit: and to that guy who posted earlier in all caps, Please watch the caps; that's really annoying to read. What, are you yelling several paragraphs?

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    BQ: Ted DiBiase Jr, I can see Ted winnin something in the near future, WWE needs to realise that he is Championship material.

    BQ2: I would like to see Riddler over bane any day, but Bane is so intelligent and one of the smartest villain, Batman ever face. Anne Hatthaway as Catwoman should be good.

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    Cody Rhodes looks the most promising of the ones you listed. DiBiase & Hart Smith are both jobbing right now and McGillicutty (Hennig) is tied down under The Nexus.

    BQ1: again, I say Rhodes

    BQ2: not bad choices. I actually thought Catwoman would have to show up in the movie series soon anyway and I like how they're gonna portray Bane this time around, as opposed to just knocking sh!t down like he did in Batman & Robin. this time, they're actually gonna show his intellectual side. In addition to Catwoman, I thought we'd see The Riddler also

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    Definitely Cody Rhodes, cause the rest either suck badly (Mike M, Ted Jr), or just haven't caught on yet (Smith)

    BQ: I think they're ready to start shoving Ted Jr down people throats til they halfway care (like McIntyre & Sheamus)

    BQ2: I liked the Bane character from the cartoon, but Anne Hathaway??? Isn't Catwoman supposed to be sexy??? Hathaway is a brick. Wouldn't mind seeing Scarecrow in the near future, and also that Joker Girl (don't remember her name)

    ** of the most beatiful actresses in hollywood...? Hahaha!! I have 20/13 vision actually. She is one of the most plain, boring, dry, underwhelming looking females in hollywood. If she was a male wrestler, she'd be the equivalent to Drew McIntyre or Ted Dibiase. You should leave your house more if you truly think that, cause she's average at best.

    ***I never saw Batman Begins (but I will now though)

  • Hopefully Joe Henning

    BQ:Cody Rhodes

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