Aetna dental insurance. The underwriting process?

hey. i am trying to get dental insurance and I was told aetna had a good individual plan. After looking at it, i def want to get it. I was told the plan I want is around $ 35 dollars. However, now that I am looking at the enrollment form, it says "any rate adjustment in accordance with the underwriting process will be automatically charged to your account"

What does this mean? I can understand having a higher rate with health insurance, but I was told dental doesnt look at pre exisitng conditions.

Also, one more question. my dad used to have aetna with health and dental but he lost his job a few years back. The insurance cut him off completely. I ordered a prescription through them because my dad was told his insurance was good through the end of the month. The sent us a letter stating we owed them over 300 dollars. Can they charge me for that 300 in addition to the 30 dollars they want for dental? Or would they need my permission?

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    Dental doesn't usually look at preexisting conditions - because private dental coverage has limits built into it, and waiting periods built into it. So, for example, you can't get major work covered, until you've had it in force a full year, and then, it usually pays 50% up to $1,000.

    What that means, is that $35 is a bait quote, and they reserve the right to increase it.

    Regarding the other coverage, I have no idea why dad thought he was entitled to free insurance after he wasn't working any more, but obviously that wasn't the case. The deal with the health insurance, is seperate from the deal with the dental - and when insurance figures out dad wasn't working there any more (the employer doesn't usually report it until the NEXT month, so insurance has to cancel him retroactively), then yes, any benefits that were paid in error, because they hadn't been notified that dad wasn't working there any more, are due back to them.

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    Aetna just started selling their plan and it's available in 4 states. Regardless there is no underwriting process for dental. It's simple. If you need a root canal, they just don't cover it for 18 months. That's how they get around underwriting dental which would be next to impossible to do anyway. Look at Ameritas Dental Insurance as well. They sell in most states and didn't just start doing it.

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