Why does my container div move?

A website I am designing has a container div in order to make the website viewable in smaller screen resolutions. I have centred it using css (margin:0 auto and position:relative) and in the majority of my pages I have a two column layout, but in the pages where I have altered the layout to one column the entire container div moves to the right. The contents still appears centred in the container div. I have searched and searched as to what I am doing to cause this, so anyone who can help gets a pint!


Thanks - that is an excellent website!

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  • HJ
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    9 years ago
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    the removal of one of the columns is making your div move because its position is relative to other elements on the page. removing one element effectively removes x many pixels from one direction or the other, meaning your div will move accordingly.

    if you could post some code that would help. otherwise, i'd suggest using a main 'wrapper' div, or series of divs, and putting your columns in that/them, meaning your column divs won't just be relative to each other.

    alternatively , cos that didn't make any sense, find the layouts you're after at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/layouts/ and take a look at the css for them

    Source(s): it is half past midnight and I'm still at work, so this may not be a great answer given how tired it am...
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