If the universe is still expanding, will it continue to expand forever?

I'm assuming people will say yes, but can it really be infinite?

Also, if the universe is constantly expanding itself, how does it expand,?

Is the universe expanding horizontally, vertically or in a spherical shape?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The current answer is yes, it will continue to expand forever. Hubble and some other people discovered that the universe is in fact expanding.

    Much more recently it was discovered that not only is the universe expanding, but the rate of expansion is accelerating. This is attributed by most to "Dark-Energy" which is acting as a sort of anti-gravitational force to push things apart, but is highly theoretical.

    The expansion of space is a completely mind-boggling concept. Space itself expands without a need to expand into anything else. The Big-Bang is not an explosion in space, but an explosion of space.

    The shape is hard to talk about.

    The way sometimes we are taught to think about it is like a creature living on what appears to be a two dimensional plane, such as an ant on a large ball. The ant can start at a point and walk all the way around the ball in a 'straight' path and arrive back at its starting point. This is because there is a higher dimension of curvature which it cannot perceive. The universe may be very much this way to us, except we perceive 3 spatial dimensions but know there is curvature on a higher dimension, which is how Einstein describes gravity.

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  • 9 years ago

    Space is defined as the distance between two objects. The universe is a collection of objects expanding into a region of totally empty space. This means the universe is expanding into nothing and creating more space as it expands. The universe is not infinite and has an irregular three dimensional shape. The universe probably began expanding because of the nuclear force, a subatomic force which causes electrons to repel one another. This is why solids can't pass through solids. The universe has all the original matter and energy it had when it began because neither can be created or destroyed. It is still not known if the universe will expand forever or the expansion will reverse at some point. However, there appears to be some unknown force which is pushing the universe farther apart.

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  • Gary B
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    9 years ago

    SOME scientists think that way. The Universe is expanding in a spherical shape, driven by the Law of Physics which states "An object in motion tends to stay in motion".

    others don;t. Some scientists think that the combined gravity of the whole universe will eventually slow down the expansion, and make it stop. At that point a CONTRACTION will begin, eventually drawing the universe back into what is called the Big Crunch.

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