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If someone repeatedly called Dr. Laura the K word, how would she react?

And said if she was "sensitive about it, she shouldn't marry outside of her race".


Say the shoe were on the other foot. If someone used racial slurs against Jews and complained that she was "too sensitive" when she objected?

Update 2:

Mike-The one that rhymes with your name.

Update 3:

Jimmuh-Jews and Hispanics (Who are NOT all illegal immigrants, no matter what you think) are subsects of a race. They aren't white, black, or whatever.

Update 4:

She didn't retire, but she has quit her radio show.

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    What is the "K" word?

    Update: Thanks, didn't really know that word. Dr. Laura is a throw back to old social standards that she has twisted into her own reasoning. I didn't have a problem with her use of the "N" word. It was her overall attitude to that caller that was most insulting. I don't know why she retired, I guess people that make a living accusing others don't like it when the table turns on them.

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    Since when is "Jewish" considered a "race".

    People, the planet only has 4 races of homosapiens: Caucasoid (whites), Capoid (blacks), Mongoloids (Asians), and Australoids (aboriginals)

    "Illegal immigrants" are not a race...

    "jew" is not a race....

    I love listening to Libs scream "racism" when it isn't even a technically true argument. LOL... remember, they are the "educated" and "intellectuals" among us.

    GUIDE US NANCY PELOSI... we are lost without your keen intellect! HA HA HA

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    Dr Laura didn't call anyone the N word , she was just talking about the N word. Liberals always spin the truth into lies it seems.

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    She would write them off as a racist idiot--which was exactly the point she was trying to make. You are clearly too thick to get it as well.

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    You do realize she's a CONVERT, right ??

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