What's the difference between Java's early objects and late objects?

I saw two books of java: early objects and late objects. A lot seems to have changed in two years. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Which book should I get before?

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  • 10 years ago
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    From the source at the bottom:

    Deitel & Associates

    If you are trying to decide between the Early Objects Version (http://www.deitel.com/books/jhtp8/) and Late Objects Version (http://www.deitel.com/books/jhtp8LOV/), the primary difference between the two books is that the LOV version is geared to college courses in which the instructor prefers not to teach the fundamentals of object-oriented programming until late in the introductory programming course, or possibly in a second course. So in the LOV version, we start this process in Chapter 7. In the EOV version we do this starting in Chapter 3.

    Once you get to Chapter 8, both books are almost identical. The only difference is that some introductory material from the string (Ch16) and file processing (Ch17) chapters has been moved to the end of Chapter 6 in the LOV book.

    Since the LOV book is geared specifically to a first programming course in Java, Chapters 26 through the end of the book are not included in the print publication. They are instead available as PDFs on a password protected site.... See More

    If you are learning Java on your own, we recommend using the Early Objects Version of the book.

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    Java Late Objects

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