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Now 27 states have now filed suit, in federal court, against Obamacare...?

...will liberals continue to claim it is a good law?

"These are the 27 states now challenging Obamacare in federal: Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Louisiana, Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota, Indiana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Alaska, Ohio, Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa, Wyoming, Kansas and Virginia."

Notice that more than a few states Obama carried are in the list...

So libs...what say you?


This is the same Supreme Court (plus imperial dog washer Elena Kagan) that ruled against private property rights in Kilo v New London.

Waste of time and money? probably

But a necessary next step? absolutely

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    Add to that the 200 economists that have written a letter to Congress asking for the repeal:

    “To promote job growth and help to restore the federal government to fiscal balance, we, the undersigned, feel that it would be beneficial to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” the economists said in a letter to Congress.

    “Too many Americans remain unemployed and the United States faces a daunting budgetary outlook. We believe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a threat to U.S. businesses and will place a crushing debt burden on future generations of Americans,” they wrote.

    The letter includes the signatures of Douglas Holtz-Eakin and June O’Neil, both former directors of the Congressional Budget Office; Arthur Laffer, the first chief economist for the Office of Management and Budget, Brian Wesbury, former chief economist of the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress; and William Niskanan, former chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors and chairman emeritus of the libertarian CATO Institute.


    Funny how the MSM (unbiased), has somehow overlooked this, isn't it?

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    Obama care is not so bad. So it cost you more and the deductibles and out of pocket costs are higher. Just forgo your morning coffees, skip the lunches out and walk to work 3x per week and you can save the extra expense for this fine law. The real benefit is that everyone will be equally provided affordable health care. So when you go to the doctors office after waiting 6 weeks for an appointment you will feel so good to see that the guy sitting next to you is the guy you see asking for money that you avoid every time you head to work. A Spanish mother sitting across from you with the 6 children under 5yo is pregnant and getting her check up. Heroin addicts are sitting near the door waiting to get their prescriptions of methadone. So as you sit back and enjoy the fruits of American life you will be proud and often honored to salute the picture of our leader that will be on every medical facility waiting room. Oh how fine life will be. And as you drive home you will pass the magnificent architecture of the medical office for government employees and see how hard they have it with having to deal with the valet parking and available when needed office visits.

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    It varies regarding one's own perspectives. Some of the 27 States you claim want to repeal the New Health Care Reform Bill; are only lead by their Republican Governor, who are forcing their State Attorney General to file the lawsuit. Thus the claim can be single-handled tied to the people's choice or proper representation. Should their local needs be neglected to pay for the lawsuit?

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    10 years ago

    It raises taxes, kills jobs, increases the debt by $938 billion over the next decade, and is unconstitutional. Other than that it's great!

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  • ss794
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    They (progressives) believe we are too stupid to know what is best for our own lives.

    "Once we know that people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, there is a lot to be done to manipulate them." - Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar

  • Dale
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    10 years ago

    Yes, it's a good law that's here to stay, big waste of money by those backward states.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Liberals are again on the wrong side of the populace's will.

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    only 30 more to go

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    And your tax money is paying the lawyers .

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They will just claim its a few angry tea baggers, nothing to see here....

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