Can I save facebook chat?

Can I save facebook chat? or how to retrieve the saved chat/chat history?

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    You can save facebook chat.... You can only save the facebook chat manually... like copy chat and paste it in text doc. and save it as a txt file.

    But yes if you want to see facebook chat histary then follow given below steps:

    Firefox Instructions

    1. Install the Facebook Chat History Manager for Firefox extension. While logged into your Facebook account, open a blank tab on the Firefox browser. Go to the download page for the Facebook Chat History Manager add-on (see Resources). Click on the "Install Extension" link at the top of that page. This will take you to the most current landing page on the Mozilla website for the Facebook Chat History Manager Add-on. Click on the "Add to Firefox" button. A pop-up window will appear. Wait for it to fully load and click on "Install Now." Wait for the installation to finish downloading, and then click the "Restart Firefox" button in the new pop-up window. This will restart your Firefox browser, so be sure to save any other tabs you had open before clicking "Restart Firefox."

    2. Sync the extension to work with your Facebook account. With Firefox open, log back into Facebook if necessary and click on "Tools" in the top menu of the browser, then mouse-over the "Facebook Chat History Manager" menu option. Click on "Get Facebook ID." You will need this ID number in order to set the extension to work with your Facebook account. Right-click and copy the ID number in the pop-up box, then click on "OK" to close the box. Click on "Tools" in the Firefox menu bar again, then scroll back down to "Facebook Chat History Manager," but this time, select "Create Account" from the sub-menu. Paste your Facebook ID in the top field, and then type and re-type your Facebook password in the two password boxes. Click on "Create," and you will get a pop-up box telling you that your account has been created successfully. Click on "OK." You can enable this extension to work with multiple accounts on the same browser by repeating these steps, so if you'd like to set this account to be your default user, make sure the "Set as default user" option is checked before clicking "OK."

    3. View your chat history. Log into Facebook in the Firefox browser, then either press "CTRL+ALT+F," or click on "Tools" in the menu bar, scroll down to Facebook Chat History Manager and select "View history." Log into Facebook in the pop-up box, using either your Facebook username or your ID that you copied from the extension during installation. Select the name and chat session from the left-hand column you wish to view. This is also the screen in which you can delete and modify your sessions and accounts by clicking on the appropriate links in the left-hand menu.

    hope it will work for you..

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    you cant save it to the computer but it is stored on the server when you click on the persons chat it will show the past conversation

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    There is actually a firefox addon for you to do that.

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    I also have the same question

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