Following the latest Wrestlemania 27 rumor, are you eager to see Undertaker vs Triple H again?


Of course in order for this match to happen, WWE will have to delay their plan to have Undertaker/Barrett at least until Backlash and give both HHH/Sheamus & Undertaker/Kane some closure at No Way Out.

No worries, Taker is ready to go at WM 27 according to latest report so his health issue isn't a problem.

So, answer my question above.

Personally, I'm no fan of rematches because they will add zero credibility to The Streak and it's hard to outdo the first match (like what happened to Kane and HBK). But this match may be the huge draw WWE need for Wrestlemania 27, seeing how they still got like 40,000 tickets available less than 3 months into the event...which pretty much tells us Taker vs Wade & Miz vs Cena aren't doing much of a draw (no surprise).

And be it another Streak vs Career or not, although I hope it is, if WWE play their card right, this match could be build like Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25 where Taker & HBK first met again after 11 years. HHH is a legend now unlike 10 years ago, so with the right build up this can be another once in a lifetime experience IMO. And HHH is in a dire need of another Wrestlemania classic. I mean come on, the last time he got a WM classic was at WM 20. That was ages ago when dinosaurs were still roaming around.

This possible match is definitely far far far far far better than lame possible matches like Taker vs Wade or Taker vs Jackson. I don't hate it.

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    Yes,and this time Triple H will end the streak. Because Nobody can play the game like The Game himself!

    Source(s): wwe Time to play the Game!
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  • 10 years ago

    I hope it doesn't hapeen taker vs hhh sounds boring I would like to see take vs del rio

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  • 10 years ago

    If it was announced then yeah I would be, but thats not news, since a website made it up.

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