where can i get seo tips ?

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  • 6 years ago

    While the "Off-Page" optimization, mainly the external linking structure (that we'll discuss later) is what will give you your unfair advantage - the on-page SEO is a pre-requisite for the off-page to succeed.

    In fact, if the on-page optimization is not done right, the best off-line search engine optimization in the world will not help you one bit.

    1. Title Tag

    This is an HTML tag that goes within the header section of the page. Title tag are the most important on-page factor for SEO.

    Your keyword should be included within the title tag preferably close to the beginning of it. This is what Google shows on its search results page so you should also make it attractive so that it will entice searchers to click on it.

    Don't just throw your keyword there, make sure that it is appealing and not longer than 65 characters.

    2. Headline tags (H1, H2, H3)

    Make sure your page includes one H1 tag with your keyword in it.

    This headline tag shows Google that the text within it is important to the intended audience.

    3. Meta Description Tag

    While this does not have a bearing on the ranking of the page, Google still pulls the text of how it describes your page to other people from this tag.

    Be sure to make it attractive so that more people will be clicking your page and not over do it - keep it below 156 characters.

    4. Images

    You should include at least 2 images in each page. Also add one video to one of the page in your site. You can simply embed a video from YouTube.

    Make sure one of the images has your keyword in its ALT tag.

    All other images need to also have ALT tags but should not include your keyword in them. Too many ALT tags with your keyword can lead to an over optimization penalty by Google.

    5. Keyword Density

    The exact keyword density is not important. Simply include about 3 instances of your keyword in each page, one of them should be close to the beginning of the article, one of them can be in Bold or Italics and that will do.

    Do not be tempted to overdo it - that's a common newbie mistake.

    6. Synonyms

    You can include 2 or 3 synonyms to your page that does not include exact words from your keyword.

    7. Article Topic

    This is important. Your content should be on topic and match the niche and the keyword that is being targeted.

    8. Outbound link

    web design londonAdd one outbound link pointing to an authority site in your topic. This could be a Wikipedia page in similar topic to yours.

    Place it at the bottom of the page, you can call it 'recommended source' or something similar. Do NOT add a 'no follow' tag to it, leave it in a natural stare.

    9. Unique Content

    The page should be unique and not a duplicated one. If you are using a spun article it should be at least 75% unique. It should also be making sense and has decent grammar.

    Google may penalize pages that are of low quality.

    10. Lenght of the articles

    Each page should be between 500 and 1000 words long.

    Be sure to vary the lenght of the articles in a site. Don't make all the articles exactly the same size.

    Once your site is online and the on-page optimization is set, it's time to start creating links pointing to it.



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    9 years ago

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    5 years ago

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