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"如果你get into the school in北歐~那我們到六月你離開時就要分手"

至少 你去北歐時 我們還是可以試試看...

如果撐不下去 再分開也不遲




至少我們都在歐洲 距離近了一些



我總是付出 對你好...雖然你說你很喜歡我...但我卻一直都看不見你對我的付出..對我的在乎...只因為我要去台中讀書就說要分手




還是覺得連試試看繼續再一起都不試 就決定要分手的話..



This one tops the crazy cake....

這句話的意思是說女生嗎?因為有人回應說who is she?

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    I tried dancing and chatting with some guys in the club last night, but my heart was actually filled with you. I was feeling depressed. You really got something that my mood depends on yours.

    In my opinion, there is no deadline for love. It is impossible for me to say something like "if you get into the school in North Europe, then we will break up by the time you leave in June." We can still try it out while you're over there, or we can still make the decision if it doesn't work out. I don't like the fact that we just give up our relationship that easily without making any effort.

    I have thought about doing something worthwhile to us after you leave, so I'm considering applying for the exchange student for the schools in Spain. That way, we will be closer to each other since I'm in Europe. I know that it may sound silly. I'm doing this all because I love you so much that I want to keep our relationship. I feel like I'm very dedicated to our relationship, but I can't feel the same way from you. Although you kept saying that you love me very much, I don't get why you wanted to break up with me earlier just because I was going to studying in Taichung.

    If you still want to break up with me by the time you leave in June without making any effort to keep our relationship, I would really like to end this up now.

    This one tops the crazy cake

    他 / 她比野牛還狂


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    Last night I tried to talk to several guys dancing chatBut mind you ...Their silent at night and store the boringYou really are a way to affect my mood ...

    It seems to me ... Love is not a term ofHow it can be said that"If you get into the school in Northern Europe ~ then we broke up into June is when you leave"At least we can still give it a try when you go to the Nordic ...If you can't then also separately not later thanI do not like anything we have not tried to give up. ...

    You want to go to the Nordic issues I would like to have ...So I'm going to apply for a school exchange student to SpainWe were in Europe is close by at least someI knew I wanted so much stupidBut I will because I like you very much ... I tried to maintainI always pay for you ... Although you say you love me ... But I always see you on my pay ... I care about ... Just because I'm going to Taichung reading say to break upHow do you want me to believe that you really like me

    If you ... We really go to the JuneYou really have to go to the NordicStill feel even try and continue again without trying to decide to break up, then ...I really would like to end it all

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