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Question about chase banking?

so i hear, chase will start charging us for not having a minimum amount of 1,500!!! thats ridiculous! im a student, i cannot maintain that amount of money in my "free" checkings acc..

is there a bank which is better than CHASE that doesnt charge me for having a low amount? I live in California btw, please inform me, on a good bank!

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    Wells Fargo currently doesn't charge me since I have direct deposit. I also have a free checking with my credit union. If you go to, you can find credit unions that share branches all over the US making banking with a Credit Union more convenient. Joint one in you area then you can use the shared branches all over the US. My credit union also has an agreement with 7-11 where I can use their ATM's at no cost. Just call different banks and credit unions and shop around till you find one that suites you. Make sure to ask what it requires to have free account before switching. New Account reps need to meet their new account quotas so they will be more than happy to take the time to explain how to join.

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    really? they better not. ive been with chase for years.

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