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Why do people act like Derrick Rose is Jordan on this site?

I know the kid is good but people totally blow things out of proportion when they say he is the best PG in the League


Nino just STFU. Like i dont know that Jordan was a SG. You always have to try and make people sound dumb when you only do it to yourself.SMH

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    Derrick Rose is still young , we really have to wait a while to give him such a reward,with that said he's on track to be one of the best,but sometimes things happen.

    I might be putting my shoe in my mouth ,but I really think after 2 years John Wall might give some folks a run for their money ( I mean he's fast and with the right team he could be dangerous.)

    Now . for once and all theirs only one Jordan and we really need to get over the whole who's the next Jordan, because I can't think of anyone who wants to be in someone shadow forever.

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    I'm on this site right now

    I don't think Derrick Rose is the best player in the NBA right now

    Michael Jordan will always be a legend

    I do think Derrick Rose is good, but I don't consider him to be the number 1 basketball player right now.

    There are plenty of other basketball players who are better than him or are equally better then Derrick Rose

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    If Rose can win 8 rings and have a year where he averages 36 ppg 13 apg 5 rpg then maybe it could be a consideration lol

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i just want to know what type of weed are you smoking.

    where did you hear this?

    was jordan the best PG in the league?

    rose is arguably the best PG in the league as of now.

    keyword : arguably meaning it's debatable.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's when Rose and Rondo are compared. Most people agree that he isn't the best PG yet.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i agree with chitown heat fans have been pissed off when the bulls beat them get over it GOD DAMN just becouse d rose kicked d waydes *** in that shoot out they had

    d rose (anything u can do i can do better)

    d rose best in the leuge. not yet

    best pg d rose = d will

    d rose > rondo

    d rose > Chris paul

  • 9 years ago

    Ever since we beat ur beloved heat u started saying **** about the bulls. Ya bulls lost to charlottle twice, ur amazing team lost to clippers, grizzlies, etc. Get off lebrons d*ck bandwagon fan

  • I agree. People overrate him WAY too much which is sad because he is a great player, but not the the best PG in the league.

  • 9 years ago

    Kids these days...

    Edit: If anyone thinks Rose>Jordan, well Rose said it himself that Jordan>Rose.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    the user d-will is stupid and is forgetting the best PG steve nash

    when Deron Williams hits 11APG with no great scorers, holla at me

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