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question about chase banking?

so i hear, chase will start charging us for not having a minimum amount of 1,500!!! thats ridiculous! im a student, i cannot maintain that amount of money in my "free" checkings acc..

is there a bank which is better than CHASE that doesnt charge me for having a low amount? I live in California btw, please inform me, on a good bank!


yea, they sent us letter, i dont quite trust small banks though

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    Time to find another bank - just like everyone else under the sun is doing.

    I don't have Chase - but what they are doing is insane.

    Google small banks in your area.

    Regional banks and credit unions.

    They are not playing these games.

    Stay away from Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, etc.


    Quick question:

    How did they let you know?

    I have a medium sized bank, and don't know how they would let me know of changes.

    Do they send a letter???

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