Mad World by Gary Jules sheet music?

i need sheet music for Mad World by Gary Jules. preferably flute, but i 'll take vocal or trumpet.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well, I was looking for some for you, but all I could seem to find was piano music, now I know that sounds useless but...piano and flute music are very very similar and if the octave isn't where you want it on the piano music, you can simply re write it and boost it up or down an octave or 2, or however many you want to.

    That is what I sometimes do with piano books to fool around, I play the same thing on my flute and if it is too low for me, I just make it up an octave. It also works the other way around, lol playing your flute music on the piano.

    Well, just a suggestion :)

    Source(s): My view of the situation. :p
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